3 Top factors For Great Fitness (Pt. 3)

If you haven’t been to Skoki Lodge, I highly recommend it. It’s a magical place that takes you back in time to a rustic way of living. 

Skoki allows you to closely connect with nature. While also enjoying the comforts of chef-prepared meals, the warmth of a roaring wood stove, and the ability to connect with friends in a technology (and electricity) free environment. 

I’m already planning how to get back there again soon!

Skoki also fits perfectly into what we’ve been talking about the last couple of days. Being great in fitness, business, and life.

So far we’ve covered how to tap into the power of your WHY, and the importance of having a SMART plan that connects with your purpose.

Without knowing your WHY, and having a SMART plan, adventures like Skoki Lodge do not make sense.

People commonly say, “Why would someone pay to ski through a freezing cold blizzard for 11km over two mountain passes to arrive at a rustic log cabin with no running water, no electricity, and outhouses that are 50m from the cabin?”

I know that my WHY is different than many other people. However, an adventure such as this fits perfectly with my passion and desire to: get outside, enjoy nature, challenge myself physically and mentally, become great in fitness, spend time with friends, meet new people, and learn new skills (this was my first time skiing on Alpine Touring gear).

This brings me to my final point and step in this “great fitness” series. Without it, adventures like Skoki turn into a pain-riddled frustrating slog that further sidelines your fitness progress.

The 3rd step is where the rubber hits the road and you get active…the right way!

A key part of this step is to ensure that you are getting the most out of the time and energy you invest in your fitness program. It’s also an area where few people get the benefit they could (even those who exercise regularly).

man running throughout the nature

#3 – Learn to Move Properly to achieve great fitness

Movement and exercise are great when done correctly…and consistently. Yet, few people actually do them correctly or consistently.

These factors are at the root of most exercise injuries and frustrations. They can be easily solved by getting the help of an expert to ensure you build a solid foundation of technique

It’s important to be very skeptical of the advice and workout plans you find online or via social media.

Should you follow one of these programs, make sure the:

  • The person providing the program is knowledgeable and experienced (they must have more than an attractive/fit physique)
  • Program is right for you, and customizable to your needs
  • The technique you use for every rep of every exercise is correct…even when you are fatigued

Getting expert coaching to learn to move is one of the best investments you can make in your future health and fitness.

Let’s face it, being injured sucks.

Poor technique is the leading cause of exercise injury.

A close second would be people performing programs that they aren’t physically ready for…which often leads to poor technique due to fitness level or skill deficits needed to perform the program correctly.

In the example I’ve been using, to start off the gym-based training program, you hire an expert coach for a few sessions to

  • Assess your movement patterns
  • Identify any red flags for injury or dysfunction
  • Create an effective program for your current needs
  • Show you the correct form for the exercises in that program
  • Provide you with effective tools and resources that will help you be successful between exercise sessions (nutrition, sleep, stress, recovery, lifestyle, etc.)

I wrote about this topic because few people take the time to consider these three important factors that directly impact their long-term health, fitness, and performance in life.

Sadly, even though I’ve written them down and provided you with a proven framework for success, few people will take advantage of the information.

They will skim the info, hit delete or archive, and move on to some other distraction in their day.

That’s OK.

Those few (like you) that choose to use these tips will reap the rewards.

As with everything in life, success comes back to YOU. What will you do to see the results you desire?

If you want some extra help to make sure these 3 principles are properly applied, my team and I are here to help

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Have an awesome weekend!

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