Are You Properly Prepped For Outdoor Activity?

The weather is definitely nicer these days and the sidewalks, pathways, trails, and mountains are filled with people enjoying nature and attempting to get (or stay) fit. This is awesome and I love to see so many people being active. However, do you think they are properly prepped for an outdoor activity?

Unfortunately, virtually everyone out there is at a MUCH higher risk of injury this year.

Here’s a way to put it into perspective. 

Most people have been sitting and working from home the past year. Daily step counts are WAAAAAY down. My average went from over 8000 each day to an average of 1500 per day. There have even been a few days under 1000.

Considering that I’m an active and fit person, the negative health and movement impact will be much greater for the majority of the population.

The good news is that when you know what to do, you can properly prepare your brain and body for getting more active.

If you are someone who is usually fit and active, but like me haven’t been as active the past year, it’s even more important for you to manage your injury risk. This is because your brain will still remember how you can move, but your body won’t be ready for the demand being placed on it.

It’s like putting a sports car engine in a rusted-out old jalopy (OK, I’m sure your health and fitness haven’t slid THAT far, but you get the point). Challenging a deconditioned and movement-starved system is a recipe for undue stress, frustration, and injury.

Of course…I’ve got you covered.


Here’s a quick “5-Tip cheat sheet” for making the most of your outdoor activity.


TIP #1: Do things you ENJOY and that are convenient

  • Hate running? Go for a walk or bike ride. Do some calisthenics in the backyard or local park. Basically, just get moving…but be sure to learn to move well first. 


TIP #2: Make it a DAILY activity

  • Ideally, get outside for a few small movement sessions each day (even a few minutes each time will make a difference)
  • The goal is to build a HABIT of proper and effective movement
  • Set a recurring reminder in your calendar. Go do it now…I will wait…seriously, do it!


TIP #3: Start SMALL and SLOW

  • Even a 5-10 minute walk around the block is beneficial.
  • Slow your movements down and practice perfect form each rep. Not sure how? Chat with a FRESH! Coach.


TIP #4: Challenge yourself…progressively

  • It’s tempting to go all out at the beginning…even if you are feeling good.
  • Dial it back a bit and play the long game.
  • Health improvements are much more challenging when you have an injury or are so sore you can’t move!


TIP #5: Mix it up for variety and better fitness results

  • They call variety the “spice of life”. While I can’t speak to that, I can say that variety is AWESOME for building new movement skills and is a great way to alleviate boredom.
  • Try something new! Find new activities you enjoy doing that can “check the boxes” for the other tips.


That’s it. Now it’s time for you to get it done!

The FRESH! Team would love to help you. Reach out to us at so that we can ensure that you are properly prepped for outdoor activity!

Our FRESH! App is also a great resource for extra help and a good way to keep yourself accountable!


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