About FRESH!

Have you ever struggled to get the HEALTH & FITNESS results you desired?

Many people face this challenge, and it's often because the focus is on the wrong problem. Most individuals and fitness industry professionals concentrate on providing better workout routines and nutrition plans, assuming that this will solve the issue.

Let me ask you something: Do you already know that regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for being fit and healthy? Of course, you do! So, why aren't you consistently following through with these habits?


The answer to this question usually doesn't lie in a lack of knowledge about the importance of fitness and nutrition. Therefore, more personal training and nutrition programs or advice won't solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is the common approach taken by most personal trainers in the industry, which leads to constant failure and frustration due to a lack of results.

But here's the good news: It doesn't have to be so difficult. That's why FRESH! was established in 2001, in Calgary (Canada). Its founder and CEO, Tim Borys, had been in the fitness industry for over a decade and realized that the traditional personal training, health club, and fitness center model was flawed.

Back then, and even now, people were essentially renting equipment and left to figure things out on their own. Fitness instructors taught classes without properly guiding participants on form and program modifications tailored to their unique needs. Personal trainers mainly focus on pushing people into the gym as a main personal training program and providing restrictive diets for weight loss.

The major problem was that almost no one was addressing the elephant in the room: Fitness and nutrition alone were not the answer to sustainable fitness and weight loss!

To solve this frustrating situation and help clients surpass the average fitness professional and personal trainer, Tim developed the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance coaching model.

These four pillars, in order of importance, are Mindset, Habits, Movement, and Fuel. They serve as the foundation of FRESH!'s personal training model and have successfully produced exceptional results for thousands of clients, both inside and outside the gym, over the past 20 years of coaching. Think of it this way:

Mindset is the filter through which we perceive the world. Without the right mindset, everything becomes a struggle. Consider your mindset towards fitness and nutrition—Is it positive, proactive, and growth-oriented?

Habits provide the framework for implementing your mindset. Without the right habits in place, you will continuously struggle to make progress toward your goals. At FRESH!, personal trainers focus on building key success habits that unlock your potential in all areas of life, not just health and fitness.

Once you have the right mindset and success habits established (FRESH! has a proven system for this), everything else becomes much easier!

Movement and fuel are the aspects most commonly associated with health and fitness, but there's so much more than just sweating in the gym and counting calories. FRESH! personal trainers take these pillars to the next level, revealing the limitations of the traditional model and enabling you to achieve better results in your personal training in less time.

Tim has assembled an exceptional team of experts in the fitness industry. Each personal trainer has been trained in the 4 Pillars Coaching Philosophy and utilizes Tim's proven coaching system to help you achieve your desired results in less time, regardless of which FRESH! professional you work with.

That's FRESH! in a nutshell.

We continue to provide a range of premium health and wellness services to individuals and corporations in Calgary. Our FRESH! studios and personal training programs aim to create a new perspective and way of life for our clients.

At FRESH!, the best Calgary personal trainers recognize that each person is unique. Our personal training, which we prefer to call personal coaching, IS ALL ABOUT YOU!