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You are unique and so should your program. We get to know your unique circumstances, challenges, and goals to create the optimal plan for your success!

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Helping you learn, grow, and improve is at the heart of our approach. Gain simple and effective strategies to suit your life and goals.
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There's a reason so many people hate fitness and fail to reach their goals. At FRESH! our unique approach sets you up for long term success!

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Break through barriers with our functional movement specialists and lifestyle coaches. Learn to master the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance (Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel).
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FRESH! offers in person, online, or a hybrid approach for your training and coaching goals. Choose what's best for you!

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We know you are super busy. That's why we customize your program to suit your needs, schedule, and goals. Of course, we are also there to help you stay on track!
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It’s not about The GYm 

If “going to the gym” was the answer to our problems, 2/3 of our population would not be overweight, obese, or frustrated by a lack of results! If you haven’t realized already, success is NOT about the gym! It’s about getting the coaching, support, and accountability you need to positively transform your beliefs, habits, and daily behaviours. That’s what FRESH! is most passionate about, and what we do best!

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Meet Shawna G.

“With the help of FRESH!, I have lost 27lbs in the past in the last 5 months and plan to...
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Meet Candice M.

As a former elite athlete and Olympic Coach, Candice has trained with some of the best coaches and Coached some...
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Meet Lyne H.

Before joining FRESH! Fitness, I was registered by my family physician on the Alberta Registry as a high risk patient....
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Brad spurred to change after seeing “Fat” Photo of himself!

Everyone has a different reason for making changes in their lifestyle. For many people, they don’t realize how far things...
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Cheri Miles

Tim’s Note: The following was an unsolicited email sent to me by a person who attended my recent seminar at...
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Meet Lindsay

Meet Lindsay. In one year, she lost over 47 pounds, completely transformed her lifestyle, and gained a new perspective on...
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Meet L.E.P

Injury prevention should be step 1 in any fitness program (or activity). However, life is sometimes messy, and injuries happen. The...
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Meet Kristi B.

For over a year, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Tim Borys. Every one of our sessions...
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Meet Melissa

Got a great compliment the other day I’d like to share with you. We recently moved and my boyfriends dad...
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At FRESH! We believe that each person should have a unique program because every person is different and has different goals. At FRESH! We are dedicated to helping you on your fitness journey and want to show you that fitness is fun.

FRESH! was started in 2001 by founder and CEO, Tim Borys. Tim had already been in the fitness industry for over a decade at this point and had realized that the traditional health club and fitness centre model was broken.


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Why working with FRESH! is great for you

At FRESH! the focus is on you. With programs unique to each client, results can be seen in less time the the typical gym. At FRESH! we make fitness fun! 



Every minute you spend debating whether or not to work out, you could be working out!

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