About FRESH!


Have you ever struggled to get the health and fitness results you desired?

We understand that it can be tough, particularly since most people and fitness industry professionals are focussed on the wrong problem (providing better workouts and nutrition plans).

Let me ask you a question…”Do you ‘know’ that in order to be healthy and fit, that you need to exercise regularly and eat well?”

Of course you do! My next question is “So why aren’t you doing it consistently?”

There are many possible responses to this question, but rarely is it a lack of knowledge about importance of fitness and nutrition.

This means that more fitness and nutrition programming or advice won’t solve the problem…yet this is exactly what most people in our industry focus on. It’s also why so many people continually fail and become frustrated by a lack of results.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact, this is exactly why FRESH! was started in 2001. Founder and CEO Tim Borys had already been in the fitness industry for over a decade at this point and had realized that the traditional health club and fitness centre model was broken.

At that time (and even now), people were essentially renting access to equipment and left on their own to “figure things out”. Fitness instructors were teaching classes without properly showing people correct form or modifying programs to their unique needs, and personal trainers were mostly focussed on kicking people’s butts in the gym and giving them restrictive diet plans to help them lose weight.

Almost nobody was addressing the elephant in the room…that more fitness and nutrition were not the answer to sustained fitness and weight loss!

To solve this frustrating situation for his clients and help him move beyond the average fitness professional, Tim created his 4 Pillars of Personal Performance model of coaching.

In order of importance, these 4 Pillars form are: Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel.

They form the foundation of the FRESH! coaching model and have been used successfully for over 20 years to generate exceptional results (inside and outside the gym) for thousands of clients.

Think of it this way…

Mindset is the filter through which we see the world. Without the right mindset, everything will be a struggle (think about your mindset towards fitness and nutrition…is it positive, proactive, and growth oriented?)

Habits are the framework from which you are able to implement your mindset. Without the right habits in place, you will continually struggle to gain traction towards any objective. At FRESH!, we focus on building key success habits that ignite your potential in every area of life…not just health and fitness.

Once we have the right mindset and success habits in place (we have a proven system to do this), then everything else becomes much easier!

Movement and fuel are what most people traditionally think of as health and fitness, but there’s so much more than people’s limited view of sweating in the gym and counting calories. We’ve taken these pillars to the next level so you can see how limiting the traditional model is and allow you to get much better results in way less time.

Tim has built an amazing team of some of the best experts in our industry. He’s trained each of his coaches in the 4 Pillars Coaching Philosophy and uses his proven coaching system to get you the results you want in less time regardless of which FRESH! professional you work with.

That’s us in a nutshell.

We continue to provide a variety of premium quality health and wellness services to individuals and corporations across Calgary. Our FRESH! Studios and programs are about creating a new perspective and way of life for our clients.

This approach encompasses the physical aspects of health and fitness, but also the often neglected behavioural and social components that lead to long term success. It is only through a synergy of these components that lasting change occurs.

training-vs-coachingAt FRESH! we know that each person is unique. Our personal training (we like to call it personal coaching) is all about you! We make sure that it’s educational, FUN and gets you the results you want! Our programs are designed to set the stage for the greatest possible change in each client we work with. We are passionate about what we do and thrive on passing on our enthusiasm for life!

We have a diverse group of coaches at FRESH! Yet, they all share the desire to challenge themselves and their clients to break free of the barriers that have limited them in the past! This is why we see success where other trainers have failed

Most other trainers only “train”, we coach our clients to success. Sometimes that involves fitness “training”, but often they key to success involves a unique blend of coaching in each of the 4 Pillars of Performance

Who do we work with?

We are committed to helping busy corporate professionals improve their health, happiness, energy, performance and quality of life.

Our clients know they need a change, but either don’t know where to start, or understand that they will get their much quicker and effectively with the help of an experienced coach.

Their goals often include: weight loss, improved energy, fitness, and vitality, avoiding the aches and pains of aging, increased strength & cardiovascular conditioning, or simply learning some new fitness ninja tricks! 

The common thread is that they have signed on to experience the journey with their coach! Throughout the coaching process, each of our clients (and you) will come to understanding the wide variety of lifestyle factors that are crucial to overall success, and how to create the change they desire.