FRESH! JumpStart Program

The FRESH! JumpStart personal training program is designed to give you a foundation for success for whatever your health & fitness goals may be.

Whether you want to join a group fitness class, bootcamp, work with a personal trainer here in Calgary, or simply learn how to exercise more effectively at home, learn the 7 primal movement patterns and how to modify them for your own needs.

This personal training program will give you a good baseline of where you are at, as well as the tools and knowledge on how to take you to the next level of your health goals, whatever they may be.


Session 1: Movement Screen & Analysis

This first session is about creating a road map for the journey ahead. It comprises movement screening and assessment in an attempt to answer a simple but important question: Is there something in the quality of your movement profile right now that could slow or impede your progress toward your goals?

It’s not about how much you can lift, it’s how WELL you can MOVE! Our personal trainers in Calgary track your progress over time, helping you improve your health and the quality of your life.

This session also provides us with the information necessary to create a personal training plan that is specifically designed for your needs and skill level.

Session 2: Primal Movement Patterns

In this session we go from movement screening to movement competency and skill development.

You will learn the 7 most important movements your body must master for daily life, and many common exercises based on these “Primal” patterns. Virtually all babies move flawlessly. Unfortunately, our actions (and inactions) throughout life have limited our ability to move properly.

This personal training session is about learning and practicing proper movement across all 7 patterns, and getting started towards removing some of the limitations that have hindered your progress in the past.

The end of session concludes with challenging further in different variations of functional exercise.

These skills will serve as a foundation for all movement you do in your life! How great will it feel to move like a kid again?


Session 3: Technique, Tools & Holistic Wellness Coaching

The content of this personal training session varies based on the specific needs of each person. It’s about providing the coaching that will provide the greatest help and impact on your future health & fitness results.

For some people, it is additional fitness coaching. In this case, we expand the scope of session 2 and introduce you to a variety of common exercise tools (such as TRX, Free weights, Cable resistance, ViPR, Kettlebells, and much more).

We dive further into the movement while considering the other factors that will contribute to the enjoyment of the journey.

For others, nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness coaching will provide a greater benefit to future health & fitness results.

In these sessions, we discuss the role of nutrition, recovery, and other lifestyle education factors, without which success will be severely limited. If you’ve struggled to lose weight, stay motivated, or have bounced from diet to diet to fad exercise program in the past, this session will help you dive deeper into the reasons behind those struggles, and begin to map out a sustainable path forward.

We discuss fundamental nutrition strategies, lifestyle habits, and goal setting so that you are well-prepared for whatever challenges life throws your way!

Even if this is the ONLY thing you do with FRESH!, it will be one of the best investments you can make in your future health, fitness, and wellness. Your investment is only: $347+ tax**

**Discounted with purchase of select group fitness packages, or included with any personal training packages of 3, 6, or 12-month commitment.

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