Private personal training

Personal training, by definition, should be personal.

We take into account the entire process, we find what works for each client, because no single program works for everyone, even with similar goals in mind.

We are highly educated, certified and qualified personal trainers with a vested interest in helping you achieve a healthier and happier life.​

Not only will you reach your goals with us but you will experience a wide range of benefits that are “side effects” of training with us.

Why Train With FRESH! Fitness?

FRESH! clients quickly realize the value of expert coaching. Hiring a specialist will save you a great deal of time, effort and frustration.

Our clients are professionals themselves, we understand their schedules are incredibly busy. We make it as convenient as possible. Our boutique gym is located right downtown, it is comfortable, uncrowded and setup perfectly for private and small group training.

Having a personal trainer guide you through a workout takes out the guess work which allows us to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Why Train With FRESH! Fitness?

Our client are consistently amazed at how effective our 30 minute personal training sessions are.

A high percentage of our clients work in downtown Calgary and by the time they arrive, change, workout, shower and get back to work an hour and a half has passed, which for many is simply too long.

30 minute express session

With a thirty minute session you can truly fit an amazing workout during your lunch hour in an hour or less.

At FRESH! we know that seeing you 3-4 times a week for thirty minutes is more effective than just seeing you twice a week for a standard one hour session.

If you are tight on either time or you have a tighter budget we strongly encourage you to consider the thirty minute sessions!

List of "Side effects" of working with us…

These positive benefits include: better health and happiness, greater confidence, look and feel better, sleep better, boost your energy, higher productivity at work and better ability to "unplug" and relax outside work.