Exercise Metabolism Assessment (VO2max)

Exercise Metabolism treadmill assessment (VO2max) at FRESH!

Everyone’s response to exercise is unique.

To get the best results for YOU, it is very important to know the correct exercise intensity that will provide the optimum, sustainable burn of fat and calories.

This is critical to improving your fitness and your athletic performance.

Estimations do not provide the individualized training programs you need.

An Exercise Metabolism test (VO2max) is the “Gold Standard” in aerobic fitness testing and will give you the information you need to train smarter, not necessarily harder!

The FRESH! Metabolic Assessment System by iWorx will eliminate the guesswork that defeats most diet, exercise, and training programs!

VO2max treadmill testing at FRESH!

Tell Me More About The VO2max exercise metabolism test!

  • Depending on your exercise objectives, a Sub-Maximal or Peak (VO2max) assessment may be performed
  • The assessment measures your current fitness level and unique response to exercise
  • It is simple to perform and requires only ten to twelve minutes to complete
  • Assessments may be performed on any aerobic equipment such as bike, treadmill or elliptical (though a treadmill is most common)
    • No need to worry.  Walking tests can be done if you aren’t a runner!
  • The FRESH! system uses the same technology found in hospitals, Olympic Training Centers and Sports Medicine Clinics

Each VO2max assessment is followed immediately by a thorough and detailed consultation. This is where you and your coach discuss the results you achieved.  The goal of this consultation is to ensure you completely understand the results of your test, and what steps you need to take to start working towards your goals.

A detailed report with your raw data, valuable graphs, and a summary of your plan for success will be emailed to you within 2 business days.  The detail and value you receive from this report sets FRESH! apart from any other provider.

In fact, we have even worked with clients who’ve had testing done elsewhere. They often come to us for advice on how to interpret and implement the test results. Most other places just give you a few numbers and a single page printout. Typically without much direction on the relevance of the results, and what you are supposed to do with them.

This defeats the purpose of the test! Namely, to produce clear, concise information that will help you get to your goals quicker and safer. Plus, to actually learn more about how the things you do in training and daily life affect your overall performance in the “Sport of Life”! Our mandate at FRESH! is to provide you with this type of clarity and level of service.

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What Will You Learn From a VO2max exercise metabolism Test?

  • Your unique response to exercise.
    • Everyone is different and you will need to perform an individualized exercise plan to achieve optimal results from your effort.
  • Your individual fitness level
    • The test provides a snapshot of your current fitness level and the information needed to continually improve while reaching your short, medium and long-term goals.
  • How to avoid muscle soreness & over-training
    • FRESH! coaches will teach you how to vary and modify your training plan to ensure proper recovery, regeneration, and dramatically lower your risk of injury.  This variety also helps combat the boredom many people associate with exercise.
  • The correct exercise intensity levels to: 
    • Increase the burn of fat and calories
    • Lose weight and inches if that is your goal
    • Improve cardiovascular fitness
    • Enhance athletic performance
    • Get the greatest benefit from all of the training you do.
Calgary Metabolism Testing - Aerobic Base - Fat Burning Zone

Your coach will provide you with complete reports showing VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, fitness level and caloric burn rate. You will also learn YOUR correct heart rate training zones, along with the frequency, intensity, and duration you should train in each zone (based on your current goals).
As mentioned above, the reports on their own are great, but without the FRESH! consultation will be useless.

This is where FRESH! provides exceptional value. Our consultation process is designed so that you leave with simple, straightforward and easy to implement strategies for improving your performance.

Are you looking for even greater detail? What about the desire to create a fully customized and detailed daily training plan for both aerobic and resistance training? This is also available as an option. Just let us know!


The Metabolic Assessment Protocol (VO2max) identifies YOUR optimal exercise intensity levels to avoid the risks of under or over-training

Want to reach your weight loss, fitness, and performance goals faster? Training at YOUR correct heart rate frequency, intensity and duration helps you do it! By following the steps we provide for you, you will be able to avoid years of frustration created by “trial and error” training plans.

It makes sense to get the right information at the beginning, set clear goals, and have a solid plan in place to reach those goals. This process virtually guarantees success…assuming you actually do the work! FRESH! can even help you out in this area by providing training sessions, classes, and coaching to further shorten the results time line!

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How often should a VO2max test be completed?

Each test is a “snapshot” of your current fitness, performance, and metabolic efficiency levels.

Regular (and Targeted) training based on our recommendations will produce improvements in each of these areas.

This means you will get fit, be able to do more, and become more efficient at harnessing your metabolism during exercise.

It is ideal to be re-assessed at regular intervals to measure your progress and adjust your training program.

This way improvements can be objectively documented to assist your trainer or coach and to motivate you!

For most people, it is recommended to do 2-3 assessments per year if you are training consistently. More advanced and elite athletes will conduct testing 4 times per year.

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Calgary Metabolism Assessment - VO2max test on bike