Our Team 


Tim Borys

Founder and CEO

FRESH! was founded on the principle that life is awesome and packed with potential. When we are healthy and vibrant, we bring our best self to the world, and can have a greater positive impact on our own life and everyone around us.

By helping people experience greater health, happiness, fitness, and a more positive perspective on their life, we are able to ignite the potential of each person we work with and this helps make the world a better place for all of us.

Tim believes that we all have the ability and duty to cultivate greatness in our lives while positively impacting the world around us. As a former elite athlete, New York Yankees draft pick, and national level coach, Tim is an expert at eliciting higher performance from individuals and teams. In his current roles as Corporate Consultant, Speaker, Executive Performance Coach, and CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group, he and his team help people and organizations ignite their potential…in business and life.


Francis Gutierrez cPT, DNS1

Head Coach and General Manager

Francis’ passion and motivation is to help clients embrace an active and healthy lifestyle change that will add life to their years!  Francis teaches, encourages and supports her clients while they work towards the accomplishment of goals they never would have thought possible before starting their journey.

Francis believes that physical activity is a fantastic way to learn about yourself while developing your mind, body, and spirit and the greatest excitement and personal reward for her is to celebrate each new success that her clients accomplish.

Francis has always been active in a variety of recreational sports and loves being outside. She hikes and mountain bikes in the summer and skis in the winter.