Metabolism Assessment

The lab quality Metabolism Assessment provided by FRESH! Fitness is the “Gold Standard” in scientific metabolism testing.  In fact, it is the same technology found in world-class physiology labs and medical centres across the world.

These metabolism tests are extremely accurate, produce information previously unavailable to the public. They will provide you with tangible knowledge and resources needed to help you reach your goals faster, safer, and more permanently than anything else available.  Essentially, the guesswork is taken out of your training plan.

You will have all of the information at your fingertips to reach any health and fitness goal you set for yourself.  And, we will provide you the guidelines to ensure you start out on the right foot!

FRESH! is one of the only companies in Calgary to offer this service. Plus, we are the only one which provides the service on a mobile basis.  Additionally, we have highly experienced staff and the most comprehensive reporting and post-test consultation system available.

Resting Metabolic Rate Graph - Calgary Metabolism Testing

Two Types of Metabolism Assessment: Resting (RMR) & Exercise (VO2max)

There are 2 types of Metabolism Assessment protocols that FRESH! performs for our clients. These are the Resting Metabolism and Exercise Metabolism tests.  Each test provides incredibly valuable information, but not everyone needs to do each test.  The test(s) that are right for you and the order you perform them in will depend on a number of factors.  Our expert team can help you decide on the path that’s best for you.

Here are some of the questions to help you determine which test is right for you:

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you have nutritional challenges to overcome?
  • Are there lifestyle habits that sabotage your ability to get results?
  • Do you do regular cardiovascular exercise (or do you want to)?
  • Are you training for a specific event?
  • Do you want to experience the benefits of heart rate training?

Answer these questions. The responses will determine the best starting point for you and which tests would be best to perform.

Just send us a message by completing this form. We will contact you with the answers to your questions and details for booking your session.

A BRIEF description of each Metabolism Assessment Type…

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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - Resting Metabolism Assessment in Calgary

Approximately 70% of the calories burned each day are used during a resting state. The RMR assessment measures your individual resting rate and provides detailed data including.

  • How many calories you can consume without gaining weight.
  • What your daily and weekly caloric deficit should be to lose weight.
  • Your unique personal metabolic requirements.
  • How many calories from exercise should be included in a balanced weight loss program.
  • How many calories you are burning from fat compared to carbohydrates.
  • The RMR assessment also includes a consultation with a FRESH! coach. This consultation helps you better understand the results of your assessment. You are also provided with a detailed report containing all of the information and your coach’s recommendations.                                                                                                                                                       Resting Metabolism Assessment (RMR)
    Metabolism Testing Calgary - Resting Metabolism Assessment
    Exercise Metabolism Assessment (VO2 Max) – Click for more information

    Everyone’s response to exercise is unique. To get the best results for YOU, it is very important to know YOUR unique heart rate zones and correct exercise intensity.

    This test provides the personalized information needed to improve your fitness and your athletic performance. Estimations and formulas will not help.

    Our lab quality iWorx metabolism assessment system eliminates the guesswork that defeats most diet, exercise and training programs! We can also provide the individualized training programs you need. Discover:

    • Your unique response to exercise.
    • Your individual fitness level and unique heart rate zones.
    • How to avoid muscle soreness and over-training.
    • The correct exercise intensity levels to: increase the burn of fat and calories, lose weight and inches, improve cardiovascular fitness and enhance athletic performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Exercise Metabolism Assessment (VO2max)
      Metabolism Testing Calgary- VO2max test at FRESH! FItness