Meet Lyne H.

Before joining FRESH! Fitness, I was registered by my family physician on the Alberta Registry as a high risk patient. I had many health problems & my doctor advised me to try to lose at least 20 pounds. I was overweight, had asthma, and other medical conditions.

Since joining FRESH!, my mind, body, and lifestyle have changed dramatically, the decision actually took me over a year to make!

I received a “$100 dollar off” Boot Camp Certificate from Sunterra Market for my birthday. I held on to it for an entire year prior to joining. During this time, I kept telling myself that I would join once I got fit enough. That day never seemed to come and I kept procrastinating on my fitness goals. I had tried going to the gym in the past, but always felt lost.

Lyne in September 2010

Lyne in January 2011

I was the lady in the back of class who was never coordinated enough to do the moves properly.  The one thing that happened since I had gone on line to investigate boot camp at Fresh was that I kept receiving a monthly newsletter from this guy named “Tim”.  As time went by and I turned 49, I was reminded of my dad’s passing.  I was now the same age as he was & was feeling awful about not taking care of myself.

I was at a point in my life where walking one flight of stairs was excruciating & I often needed my asthma puffer.   I went on line again & low & behold, Tim’s monthly newsletter offered a new program called the Human Billboard Program where they take your before & after shots to show you your progress.  This reminded me of the Slice TV show called “ X-Weighted” that I always watch & so finally took the plunge to call & enquire about the Program.  It’s ironic, since I later realized that Tim has been an expert on that show a couple times!

I was leery, but Tim walked me through some exercise techniques, and made me do a short circuit to assess my fitness level.  Believe me, I felt out of shape, but Tim reminded me that everyone needs a starting point!

During our next appointment, he took the time to tour the many dining & fast food courts surrounding my office & taught me what to look for when dining out (which is something I did quite often at the time, but not near as much any more).  He took the time to explain the FRESH! program to me, and answer all of the questions I had.

I was a little apprehensive the first day on my first class as I felt so out of shape & not healthy compared to the others in class.  The many worries quickly faded, as everyone there helped & encouraged me.  The first month I went about 3 days a week to boot camp.   I remember the first time the trainer asked us to do stairs, & how exhausted & out of breath I was.  Then one of the lady’s at Boot Camp walked back down the stairs behind me & told me, “Come on Lyne Marie, I am not moving until you go, you can do it I know you have it in you!”  That small bit of encouragement helped me muster up the strength to climb the rest of the way up.  After that any time I found things tough I found the trainer or someone else would always cheer & encourage me on.  The trainer at the class would always modify my exercises if he saw that I was really struggling.

I have nothing but high regards for all the teaching staff at Fresh.  It is not your ordinary gym.  I did not feel like just another number in a crowd.  They have made me feel like I am their only client in a room for of people.  The trainers know you personally & check up on how you are feeling & think you are progressing.  They really care.

After an experience like this, I would not ever fathom joining an ordinary gym again. The money I have spent on improving my health was the best investment I’ve ever done for myself.  In four months I have managed to lose 52 pounds.

Now I aim to go to Boot Camp classes 5 days a week.  I find the classes addictive & miss them when I do not attend.  The exercises are always different and I am amazed how much fun I am having (I never found exercise fun before).  I have made a lot of new friends here and feel at home.  I still have asthma but don’t need my puffer as much.

I plan to lose another 68 pounds.  My health and my asthma has greatly improved.  My goal is to be able to climb 36 flights of stairs without having to take my puffer.  With the team at FRESH!, I now know that my goal is not just a far-fetched dream but will become a reality very soon!

If you’ve been procrastinating on your fitness goals, I can confidently that taking the leap of faith and contacting FRESH! has changed my life forever.  If I can do it, you definitely can!  See you at FRESH! soon.

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