Meet Kristi B.

For over a year, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Tim Borys.

Every one of our sessions in the gym was a chance for me to learn – not just ‘get fit.’ Tim shared with me his broad and inclusive approach to wellness, teaching me that my overall well-being is about more than food choices and workouts.

In his characteristically light-hearted and relatable way, Tim provided me with practical and easy-to-follow tips and suggestions on how to best care for myself in our not-always-health-friendly world.

Tim’s book, “The Fitness Curveball” is an extension of what it’s like to work with him – conversational, approachable, clear and practical. Tim pulls on his experience as a high performance athlete and coach, and mixes in the knowledge he’s picked up through his diverse studies, creating a book that’s both highly enjoyable and useful.

Unlike so many wellness books that have made me wonder how I could possibly live what I’m learning, The Fitness Curveball outlines an approach to health and wellness that I can easily incorporate into my daily life.

In fact, reading The Fitness Curveball is like having your own personal coach with you at all times, gently reminding you how to best care for yourself and why you deserve to give yourself the gift of health.

While I highly recommend working directly with Tim and the FRESH! team, the next best thing is getting his book.

The Fitness Curveball is a must-read for anyone who needs a reminder about what it really means to be healthy and wants encouragement on how to get there.

~ Kristi B.