Meet L.E.P

Injury prevention should be step 1 in any fitness program (or activity). However, life is sometimes messy, and injuries happen. The problem is, most people fail to get the proper treatment, or figure out what caused the issue in the first place. That’s why reinjury is so common.

Today, we received this email from one of our clients who was frustrated by pain, injury, and lack of progress in getting out of the rehab, re-injury cycle. I thought it summed up our approach to coaching and injury prevention so well, that I decided to share it with you…

“I would like to express my immense gratitude for the outstanding work you did with me. I had spent literally thousands of dollars in physio, chiro, massage, equipment, medication, etc. No that that didn’t work, it probably did. The problem was that what was causing the unbearable pain, the root of the problem, was not corrected so after every therapy and a bit of relief I kept moving and working out in the same way just to end up in the next therapy.

After the Functional movement assessment you did on me and your guidance on how to walk, carry loads, posture and else my body feels amazing, my energy level has gone up, I feel happy again (pain was causing permanent sadness and lack of motivation for an active life).

I know I still have a path to go towards full recovery but so far after 10 sessions I just feel probably 90% back to normal.