Cheri Miles

Tim’s Note: The following was an unsolicited email sent to me by a person who attended my recent seminar at the Calgary Co-op Whole Health Challenge. It’s amazing what can happen when you actually take action and start following the sound advice of a qualified health & fitness professional!

Hi Tim,

I heard you speak at the Coop on April 7th on “Eat Right for Your Metabolism”. I identified my metabolic type to be a strong protein type. I had never heard of metabolic typing before. Eating as you suggested by your type has made a huge difference in how I have felt in just the past 2 days.

My highs and lows in how I have been feeling are none existent. I instead feel full and blood sugars are level throughout the day. I have not had my daily chocolate craving at 2pm where I could tell you the time by the way I was feeling.

I am a 52 year old post menopausal woman who grew up eating as a carbohydrate type (not realizing it) and always struggled with energy levels fluctuating constantly. I thank you for your presentation and also saying it is ok to eat the appropriate foods every 3-4 hours. I can not wait to share this information with my 22 year old daughter when she comes home from university. I see now she is a strong protein type too!

Cheri Miles

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