12 Essential Tips for Success in Fitness & Life!

  1.  Never give up – you don’t know if you are just one more step away from success.successandfailure
  2. Keep your word to yourself. ALWAYS
  3. Avoid crabs and vampires. You know who they are in your life. The folks that are like kryptonite when they come around you and will pull you down any chance they get. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.
  4. Buy speed. Specialized information and resources have never been as easy to get as they are today. All you gotta do is invest in the stuff and you’ll buy yourself years of speed while saving years of frustration!
  5. Action trumps knowledge – period. It’s a lie… knowledge is not power. Knowledge APPLIED is.
  6. Try new things.  Branch out.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Expand your horizons.  Come out of your shell.  If what you are currently doing isn’t working, try something different!
  7. Less talk, more action. Just get it done… anyone can talk big, but if you are DOING while “they” are TALKING, you will be miles ahead and getting amazing results!
  8. Exercise your body. Some of the best business ideas I get come to me while I’m working out. It’s proven that workouts release “happy hormones” into your bloodstream and working out alters your state-of-mind and makes you more creative, happy, and plain nicer to be around!
  9. Exercise your mind. Challenge yourself. Take in new information, thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Expand your entire sense of self.
  10. Fail forward. I’d rather reach for 10,000,000 and only hit 5,000,000 than reach for 100,000 and make it every time.  Failure and the unknown are not bad things, learn from every failure and chances are good that you will be much further along the path to success than if you had never even tried in the first place! Challenge yourself by reaching for challenging goals in all areas of your life.  Go full steam ahead to accomplishing them.  Even if you don’t know what the outcome is likely to be!
  11. Strike while the iron’s hot. Don’t think about it, kick it around, or get to it later. If you have a good idea… there’s no better time than NOW to get on it!
  12. Enjoy life. This is not a trial run.  There are no “re-do’s”.