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On behalf of Colliers, Slate, and FRESH!, we are excited to provide a range of great services and events across the city. Most options are available for all Colliers/Slate tenants, and check back often for updates on special events in your building.

Of course, please reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions for options you would like to see!


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New This Month: 

SPRING into Fitness!

We are officially 4 months into the year, and if you are one of the many people that set out a new years resolution at the beginning of 2023, this would be the time when people start to fall off completely.

Here are some small quick steps to help keep your "resolution".

  1. Create Habits - small changes everyday adds up. Instead of saying that "I'm going to loose 20lbs", make a commitment to "train 3x/week for 30 to 45min". Instead of "I will not eat this or that", change it to "I will eat more or prioritize protein and veggies at every meal". Creating habits make changes manageable and easier to execute consistently.
  2. Don't fall for the "what the heck" effect - Instead of throwing in the towel or stressing out because you missed a couple of training days or you've had an off day with your eating does not mean the week is completely wrecked. Reset and restart again the next day. Taking things day by day makes the big 3-6-12 month goal more manageable.
  3. DO more instead of less - Add more protein and veggies at every meal, increase your daily water intake, get 30 min to an hour more of sleep, do one more 10-20 or 30 min. activity this week. It all adds up. Restriction rarely works and causes more stress than results. So make a plan to do more of the things that gets you closer to your goal everyday.

Need more support? We are here to help. Book in a complimentary success session today and we can help with your goal setting, training and nutrition. Email us at info@freshfitness.ca or complete the form HERE.

Friday Cardio-Kick starts this week, April 14, from 12:05-12:55pm in the SAP Fitness Centre. 


New to the FRESH!Follow these 3 easy steps to get you started:

  1. Add your passes for the group training sessions HERE. Or scan the QR code below.

This will prompt you to create an account to complete the process.

2. Sign up for the Small Group Training Sessions either on the full site: fresh.virtuagym.com

or through the FRESH! Fit App:



Classes include: Strength and Conditioning, MetCon/HIIT, Women and Weights, Cardio Core& Conditioning, HIIT Circuit, SPIN, Strength Circuit, YOGA, and more.
Click here for the up to date schedule, times, and to save your spot in class!

Bring a friend for double the fun. No experience necessary, all levels are WELCOME!

Space is limited so check out the schedule and reserve your spot here!

For help or any questions, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

Francis and Tim will continue to be in the fitness centre every week, providing facility orientations, equipment demonstrations, and answering all of your fitness, training, health and wellness questions. When you see us, please stop by to say hi and introduce yourself.

FRESH! App Download


Access to our wellness app for free workout programs and other wellness tools (meditation, sleep aids, etc.).

The FRESH! Fitness App (or web portal) is required for SAP tenants to register for on-site fitness small group sessions, book personal training sessions, and engage with the active community of tenants at SAP.

Click here for the ANDROID (Google Play) Download

Click here for the iOS (Apple App Store) Download

PLEASE NOTE: This is separate from the Stephen Avenue Place tenant app. Both are great, they just do different things.

FRESH! Fitness App 

Book A Success Coaching Session


As part of our SAP wellness program launch initiative, we are providing complimentary success coaching sessions to SAP tenants.
These 30 minute private coaching sessions are designed to help you get the greatest benefit from your fitness and wellness this year. You let us know what's most valuable to you, and we will coach you in that area. Here are some common examples:

  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Fitness technique (specific exercises or equipment)
  • Nutrition coaching (macros, portion sizes, habits, etc.)
  • Lifestyle Coaching (Mindset, Motivation, etc.)
  • Goal setting, Accountability, and more

Call, email, or click here to book your Success Coaching Session.
Limited spaces available. ONE session per person.

Additional Services For SAP Tenants

  • Private Personal Training
  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Metabolism Testing (RMR and VO2max)
  • Fitness Assessments, body composition testing
  • Functional Movement Analysis

These paid services can all be booked directly through FRESH!. For more information and specific details, visit us by clicking on the SERVICES tab above.

Tenant and Client FEEDBACK.


Tell us how we are doing! PLEASE CLICK HERE. Your responses will help guide the information and services provided as well as improve health and wellness programs that are currently running in your space. Also, please remind your coworkers to complete it.

It only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Thank you.