Welcome To FRESH! Fitness at Stephen Avenue Place 

On behalf of Colliers and Slate we are excited to provide a range of fitness and Wellness Services and events in your building. Check regularly for updates.

Of course, please reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions for options you would like to see!

News this month

Group Training Sessions


Every Monday FRESH! trainers are in the fitness centre for a small group training session. We also help clients set customized goals for the rest of the training week.

Join our Small Group Training for as little $25/session. 


Small group programs are customized movement and coaching sessions that have a maximum of 10 people per session. These are NOT your typical 1-way "follow along" fitness classes. This is like private personal training in a small group setting.

Each session is run by expert FRESH! coaches. Every session is unique and further customized to your individual goals and needs. Our coaches provide modifications, adaptations, and technique corrections based on your movements throughout the session. This allows us to cater to all fitness and experience levels. 

Whats included:
  • 1 50minute private group session every week (for MARCH - it's every Monday...or Tuesday if there's a holiday). 
  • Additional periodized supplementary workouts (via email) for the rest of the week - Strength, Conditioning, Endurance, Aerobic Build/Sprints and Flex days 

No experience necessary, all levels are WELCOME! 

3 Options to Get Started TODAY!

  1. Purchase your 4 week pass HERE
  2. Try us out! Book a FREE Functional Movement Session
  3. Contact us with further questions

Book A Success Coaching Session


As part of our program launch, we are providing a complimentary success coaching session to every SAP tenant.

These 30 minute private coaching sessions are designed to help you get the greatest benefit from your fitness and wellness. You let us know your goals and what's most valuable to you. We will coach you in that area. Here are some common session examples:

  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Fitness technique (specific exercises or equipment)
  • Nutrition coaching (macros, portion sizes, habits, etc.)
  • Lifestyle Coaching (Mindset, Motivation, etc.)
  • Program Review, Goal setting, Accountability, and more

Call, email, or click here to book your Success Coaching Session.
Limit of ONE complimentary session per person.

Additional Services For Tenants

  • Private Personal Training
  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Metabolism Testing (RMR and VO2max)
  • Injury Prevention and Post-rehabilitation Training
  • Life Coaching (Personal Performance Coaching)
  • Fitness Assessments, body composition testing
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Functional Movement Analysis Services

These paid services can all be booked directly through FRESH!. For more information and specific details, visit us by clicking on the SERVICES tab above.

Tenant and Client FEEDBACK.


Tell us how we are doing! PLEASE CLICK HERE. Your responses will help guide the information and services provided as well as improve health and wellness programs that are currently running in your space. Also, please remind your coworkers to complete it.

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