Annoying Pests

I don’t know about you, but I get spam messages on FB, LinkedIn and in my website contact forms all the time from people I don’t know. Usually, their message shows they know almost nothing about me, and are immediately trying to sell me something. Annoying Pests!

Maybe it’s just me, but it drives me crazy these annoying pests.


I am writing this today because it speaks directly to our relationship, how you interact with the world around you, and why you are reading this message.

Plus, I see it as a HUGE issue in today’s marketing saturated world due to these annoying pests.

On a related note, earlier this week I also had a conversation with a company I was interested in purchasing a product from.

Something didn’t seem right about their approach and I just got a bad feeling about them.

Again, maybe it’s just me…but I don’t hire or do business with people I don’t trust.

Personally, I want to be a ‘welcome guest’ rather than an ‘annoying pest’ with my business, marketing, and life.

I want the emails, blogs, and podcasts I share to have value. I view them as virtual, self-paced coaching sessions that should deliver a tangible benefit (if acted upon) …and I teach the clients we work with that our job is to continue providing value.

If I’m not, I know you will find that information and value elsewhere.

It’s not rocket science.

The interesting thing about it is that I LOVE to buy new things. I just won’t buy them from pushy, annoying people and companies. A mentor of mine put it perfectly when he said…” people love to buy, but they hate to be sold to”.

I’ll bet the people you admire in the fitness industry (or any industry for that matter) are putting out valuable stuff that makes you better but also doubles as marketing.

Personally, when someone is interested in what we have to offer, I want the conversations with me and my team to be clear, honest discussions to see if it’s a fit to partner together.

And yes, it’s a partnership. We only get paid if our clients are finding value and improving.

In fact, many times, people who never pay us still find great value and improve.


Win / Win > Win / Lose


My goal is to coach you for free (through avenues such as newsletters, blogs, books, and resource downloads) until you decide to pay me for more personalized and customized coaching.

I know that this will be a smaller percentage of people, and that’s completely fine. My mission is to positively transform lives while doing what I love and making a good living.

In fact, if you don’t feel I’m providing a strong level of value with the messages I send, then please unsubscribe.

I won’t be offended. I understand that everyone is at a different phase in their journey through life and personal development and that I may not be a good fit for what they need at this time…or ever.

Now, this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.

My approach is simple…try to be the person you’d want to hire if you were the prospect.

Try to be the person you’d want to work for if you were the employer.

While everyone will have different needs, I’m talking about the approach, the philosophy & the values.

Those are what matter most for building trust and a strong relationship.


One more thing:

Next month, I’m relaunching my book, “The Fitness Curveball” as a series of four separate books. To celebrate and help people spark greater transformation in their life, I’m testing out a new 8-week coaching program based on the content of the books.

It will be a combination of private and group coaching sessions in each of the 4 pillars of Personal Performance (Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel).

With the addition of accountability tools and access to all our best client resources, this is your opportunity to shake off the pandemic fatigue and begin thriving again…despite the chaos of rising cases, extended lockdowns, and political bickering!

If you’d like to join us, email us ‘Curveball’’ at  and I’ll send you all the details!


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