NutritionNutrition is one of the greatest barriers to success that we see new clients struggle with.

Even with your regular training sessions and diligently performing your home program, success will be extremely difficult without proper nutrition.

This one-page weekly tracking log will help get your nutrition dialled in.

Please read the following instructions to make sure you get the most out of this valuable resource.

  1. Print out a COPY of the form (download here) and keep it with you throughout the day.
  2. Write down the TIME that you wake up and go to sleep.
  3. Write down EVERYTHING you eat! Denial won’t get you anywhere! If it crosses your lips, write it down.
  4. Accurately estimate the QUANTITY of food you are eating. This can be done through formal measure (cups, tablespoons, etc.) or informally (compare to common items such as a deck of cards, golf ball, tennis ball, palm of your hand, etc.)  
  5. Write down the TIME that you eat. This is extremely important as it will give you an idea of the daily rhythm and routine of your nutrition plan. You should be eating at regular intervals throughout the day and have no more than 4 hours between meals/snacks.
  6. About 30 minutes to 2 hours AFTER each meal, “listen” to how your body is feeling. Do you feel good, bad, indifferent? Circle the appropriate “face” on the nutrition log. Begin to look for patterns in your feelings/moods. The food you eat affects you like a drug and it’s just a matter of listening to what your body is telling you. Some common things to “listen” for bloating, high energy, low energy, headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, dizziness, stomach cramps, intestinal gas, burping, flatulence, diarrhea, rashes, redness, itchiness, and much more. These are all symptoms that the food you ate isn’t sitting well with you. Once you can do this, it’s easier to make adjustments to your food choices
  7. Track your WATER intake. You will see a space at the bottom of the sheet for the TOTAL amount of PLAIN water you consumed during the day, how much and how often. The goal should be to take in 1 ounce for every 2 pounds of body weight (a 150lb person would consume 75 ounces of water every day), even MORE during exercise. Keep a water bottle at your desk, in your car, or with you at all times, this will help you drink at regular intervals. 

eat-planComplete AT LEAST 2 WEEKS worth of nutrition logs. This will provide you with a very good idea of your food choices, routines and which areas can be improved.

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