Mindset & Mashed Potatoes

I’m out in the mountains but wanted to make sure I addressed an idea that’s been rattling around in my head all week. Hopefully, it gets you thinking, and is helpful in shaping your mindset.

On Monday afternoon, I was scrolling through Instagram (for “research” purposes only) and had to shake my head at what some people posted. This is a common thing on social media, but a particular meme posted by a “mindset guru” set me off.

The advice wasn’t inspiring in the way it was supposed to be, but at least it inspired me to write this post!

Here was his advice:

“Live every day like it’s your last!”

While I’ve seen memes like this many times before, for some reason it struck me different this time and got under my skin. I started thinking about the ridiculousness of this “inspirational” statement, how it completely skews reality and actually sets people up for failure.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that the deeper aim of this statement is to shift your mindset towards embracing life, living well, and doing the things that matter most.

Yet, the reality of these words downplay (or eliminate) the need for strategy, goal setting, planning, and future aspirations. Short-term focus, “at the moment” decision making often leads to poor choices, particularly around nutrition, exercise, and sleep. These are all critical components to long-term health and vitality.

If today was really our last day, we would likely do lots of fun, exciting, and personally meaningful things in our final 24 hours. Most people probably wouldn’t sleep or bother taking healthy, proactive action to care for their current and future selves.

Here are a couple of different versions of the meme. I feel they are more accurate (and funny):

“Live every day like it was your last…but wear a condom and pay your taxes just in case!”

“If you live every day like your last, your last day will be just like all the others.”

While humorous, we can learn from these statements.

The basic message is to enjoy yourself and embrace the moment you are in. But without losing sight of the fact that your immediate actions have future consequences. So, step outside your comfort zone, have fun, connect with people you love…but make sure you also plan for the future.

You are living in the only body you will ever have, and chances are today won’t be your last. So it makes sense to plan for the future by taking important action today!

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