No Quote Today… Just a Quick Question!

No Quote Today… Just a Quick Question! (and my comments). It’s been an amazing and action-packed few months. The launch of our new app, the release of the 2nd edition of Your Work from Home Productivity Handbook, and so many great conversations with companies about using it to help their employees better manage the challenges of working from home.

No Quote Today… Just a Quick Question! Do your actions and habits each day ADD energy and vitality, or do they DRAIN energy from your body and life?


Take a moment. Really think about it. This question goes beyond doing a workout. It’s about the DNA of your day. Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

Most people in today’s society are in a negative spiral of overwork, overstress, lack of focus and low activity that’s driving them to physical and mental exhaustion and putting them on the road to long-term disease and dysfunction.

In other words, life isn’t too rosy.

The good news is that the solution is exceedingly simple.




We all have the ability to control our thoughts and actions each day. By first making the decision to change, deciding which direction we want to go, and then taking small daily steps to move in that direction, we begin to transform our lives.

It’s not always easy, there will be setbacks, challenges, and frustrations, and at least in the beginning, it will SEEM to take an inordinate amount of effort, but believe me when I say it’s worth it.

In 30 years as a coach, I’ve yet to meet a single person who put in the effort, got the results, and then said, “You know what. It wasn’t worth it. I just wasted my time. I’m going to go back to feeling like crap.” 

It doesn’t happen. Virtually every person is blown away by the transformation, new perspective, increased clarity, and dramatically improved performance in every area of life.

Then again, that’s just my personal experience personally, from helping thousands of my own clients make the transformation, and anecdotally from millions of others worldwide who’ve decided to change and done the work.

Who knows, you may be that anomaly that the transformation process doesn’t work for. Statistically, it’s a possibility. Then again, the upside is AMAZING and virtually guaranteed if you commit to doing the work!

Of course, the decision is always up to you.


When you make that choice to change, I’m here to assist, and so is my team.


To get the ball rolling, download our free fitness and accountability app:






If you are working from home and want simple tips and tools to boost your health, energy, productivity, and happiness each day, pick up my book: 






The app is free, and the book is less than 10 bucks.

A pretty darn good ROI if you ask me…assuming you use them. 🙂 

Check out those resources and let me know your thoughts.

You deserve to live an (even more) awesome life!

Your daily actions and habits determine how awesome it is. 

Be well. Stay safe. Keep Active!

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