What Sesame Street can Teach us About Nutrition!

You may think I’ve gone insane by quoting Sesame Street in relation to nutrition and weight loss but bear with me. There’s something this children’s show can teach us about nutrition and weight loss!

A mentor of mine taught me years ago that a great coach should be able to take expert-level information and explain it in a way that a 5-year-old can understand.

Since that time, I’ve taken this advice to heart and continue striving to simplify and demystify the often confusing worlds of fitness, nutrition, and personal performance.

This is where Sesame Street comes in. 

There’s a great video between Cookie Monster and Hoot that sums up nutrition in 5 simple words.

Anytime Foods and Sometimes Foods!

This really is nutrition at its core.

Some foods are great to have any time. Other foods are great to have some of the time.

Most of us know the general types of food that are best for our health and performance. The issue is that many other factors (lifestyle, mindset, habits, etc.) lead us to make less than ideal choices far too often.

You see, there really aren’t “good” and “bad” foods. Sure, some are healthier for your growth, development, and performance than others. However, labeling them as “good” and “bad” sends an unproductive message and often makes people desire the “bad” foods more. Keep in mind that “good” foods can also taste great!

Is it “bad” to have a cookie? Nope. Every once in a while it’s extremely enjoyable to have a cookie, particularly if they are made with high-quality ingredients!

However, when consumed too often, these “sometimes foods” (such as cookies) start to negatively impact our health, happiness, and performance.

But you already know this.

The question to ask is:  WHY do you keep consuming them so often?

In my experience, it’s not due to a lack of nutrition advice or fitness knowledge. It’s that a reframing of your mindset and habits around food, and performance are needed.

I know that this may be tough to hear. However, with Sesame Street as the messenger, the message will begin to stick. Sesame Streets knows how to teach us about nutrition!

If you are interested in watching the original Sesame Street video, you can view it here!

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