Mindset Growth: Update Your Brain Software

When was the last time your computer updated its software? Probably recently… and perhaps during your most important meeting of the day! All jokes aside, the fact is, that we update our computers regularly but rarely think about updating and growing the software running in our brains.

Wait a minute…software in our brain?!

YES! The human brain is an amazing tool that allows us to control every part of our body and life. Yet, outside the traditional education system, few people actively harness or grow the potential of the vital organ between their ears.

The fact is, our brain is an integral part of our body. It continually grows and develops (or shrinks) based on how we treat it and what we choose to think and do in life. These changes happen at EVERY age.

The cool part is we can improve both the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE parts of our brain.

Think of the “hardware” as our physical brain. This includes the cells, hormones, neurotransmitters, and neural connections that physically exist. We can improve these aspects by challenging ourselves, learning new things, and regularly doing physical activity.

YES, you read that correctly. The right types of exercise can actually improve our brain and make us smarter but that’s for another post. 🙂

Today, I want to focus on the software that’s running our brains. This is essentially your “Mindset”. I define mindset as “the filter through which we see the world”

A number of important factors combine to create and impact your mindset growth each day. These include:

  • Thoughts

  • Beliefs

  • Values

  • Goals (or lack thereof)

  • Self-awareness/esteem/worth/ideal, etc.

While our current mindset is the culmination of our thoughts, actions, and experiences over our entire life, it is constantly changing based on our current and future experiences.

Think of this as our own personal software program that we’ve built to manage our life experiences. Sometimes this system works phenomenally well, yet other times it may cause us considerable problems. In fact, it can be something that holds us back and limits our ability to learn, grow, and develop.

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The great news is that we are in complete control of our mindset.

We can’t change the past. But, we can:

  • Decide to take a different path moving forward

Long-term success, happiness, and fulfillment come from cultivating a positive, proactive mindset and growth, in as many areas of life as possible. There is ample scientific research and millions of personal success stories to show that regardless of our past challenges, we have the ability to create this type of mindset in our lives.

Essentially we can rewrite our own personal software code to remove the bugs, upgrade our perspective, and get better results from everything we do in life.

All it requires is a few small exercises to:

  • Identify your limiting thoughts

  • Conduct a simple “beliefs audit”

  • Discover your core values

  • Set effective goals

  • Practice thinking and acting from a growth mindset perspective

Anyone can make this transformation, including kids, seniors, corporate executives, students, and parents.

The first step is to make the decision that you are ready to change. First, decide that you want to experience the amazing benefits of this transformation. Then decide you are willing to put in your best effort towards the change. Here are a few common options to make this transformation happen:

  • Figure it out on your own

  • Find and follow a proven plan

  • Get personalized help and accountability from an expert to implement a proven plan

While all three are viable options that can work, the speed and results from the last two are almost always better than figuring it out on your own.

The good news is that amazing resources are at your fingertips!

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