Mindset Monday – A Different Perspective

Happy Mindset Monday! It’s the start of a new week and… A Different Perspective.

Are you excited about it?


Or, like many people, did this morning bring a sense of dread and foreboding about the week to come?

If the latter was the case, making a conscious choice to see things from a different perspective can be helpful.

There’s no doubt we are in a challenging time.

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on people, businesses, and society.

But what if we were to see our circumstances as a good thing. 

I’m not saying that people dying and businesses going bankrupt is good, but it’s the reality of the situation we are in.

You can choose to dive down the rabbit hole of “woe is me”, or you can flip your perspective and teach yourself to see the positive aspects and opportunities in our situation.

Many people are withering and crumbling under the stress and pressure. Yet, others are finding ways to view this challenge as an opportunity and blessing.


Which side would you rather be on? Contrary to popular belief, you DO have a CHOICE in the matter!

Despite facing the same scenarios (or in many cases, far worse circumstances), countless people will come out of this situation in a MUCH better place.

Do you know why?

They understand that adversity is the catalyst for change and personal growth!

They’ve chosen to reframe their circumstances and leverage their current struggles to gain new skills. Also, to become a better version of themselves, and set themselves up for success in the future. 

In fact, high-performing people actually seek out these situations because, while challenging, they know it will help them grow and develop to leave them in a better place for the next challenge.

At the base level, they believe they have what it takes to succeed and are willing to bet on themselves to make it happen.

This doesn’t mean they are some lone wolf or superstar that can do it on their own. 

It means they are willing to put aside past notions and conceptions about “what works”, learn from their experience, try new things, step outside their comfort zone, and swallow their misguided pride to ask for help.

They realize that despite it being hard, taking courage to do so, and often going against their current habit structure, stepping into the challenge will accelerate their progress.

This is very different from what most people do, and why so many people struggle.

The next several months will be telling.

We are going to see a wholesale restructuring of mindset and habits across society.

While most of us are holed up in self-isolation and quarantine. Those who are embracing the challenge to learn new skills, develop, grow, and step outside their comfort zone will be light years ahead of those who are embracing the bunker mentality physically as well as mentally.

They are betting on themselves to thrive.

What wager are you willing to place on yourself?

Based on what you are doing, will that bet pay off?

Only you can answer that question.

Take a moment to honestly answer that question.

If you found it challenging to answer, or you aren’t happy with the answer you provided yourself, I would love to help.

Just email us at info@freshfitness.ca and we will send you a few resources that can help. 🙂


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