Resilience through Restrictions & Tough Times

Resilience through restrictions and tough times is important!

We are like boxers in the ring right now. Yesterday, our provincial government rang the bell for another round of pandemic restrictions. How do you plan to handle this round?

Restaurants are closing for in-person dining, gyms are closed (again) as of this morning, and most of us will continue to work from home.

YES, these renewed restrictions suck. We are all VERY tired of having to limit our social activities, travel, and other aspects of pre-pandemic life.

However, it’s also a necessary safety precaution and a reality we must face. Plus, without them, things would be much worse.

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How we manage this new restriction situation speaks volumes about our mindset and ability to build resilience. This also has a clear impact on our levels of health and happiness over the coming weeks and months.

We are faced with a great opportunity to shift our perspective, build resilience and new healthy habits, and set ourselves up for success. Sadly, far too many people will fail to take advantage of this opportunity by allowing their mindset, habits, and future to be determined by anger, frustration, and a desire to blame others.

We ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond to any situation.

You are likely feeling anger, frustration, despair, confusion, and much more.

Let me be crystal clear. It’s GOOD to feel strong emotions.

What we DO with those emotions is critically important.

I encourage you to FEEL them, SEE the options in front of you, and then CHOOSE to pick an action that moves you forward in a positive direction.

Sometimes we can’t see the options available to us through our cloud of emotions. Again, that’s OK. Just knowing that options exist (they ALWAYS do) is important and can allow us to seek external help.

Seeking external help can be as simple as calling a friend to vent/chat, hiring a coach, or a more formal visit to a counsellor or psychologist.

Either way, you are consciously choosing a positive path forward. This is a huge step forward.

Don’t forget Resilience through Restrictions & Tough Times is important!

Regardless of where you are currently sitting on the mental health and emotion spectrum, here are some tips to shift you towards feeling, looking, and living your best life (at least from a pandemic perspective):

  1. Move early
    Get up early, drink a glass of water, and move your body. This can be easy stretching or mobility
  2. Move often
    Throughout the day, invest 30-60 seconds each hour to move and mobilize. Bonus points if you do it outside and/or get some sunshine on your face.
  3. Spread Positivity
    Text 3 people you know and say something positive (and specific) about them. As a result, both you and them will feel better.
  4. Take Brain Breaks
    Strategically work “down time” into your day to recharge your mind and body. This is ideally away from a screen and is something you like to do. Even a few 10-minute breaks in the day will make a world of difference in your health, happiness, performance and productivity. Great examples are: read for pleasure, go for a walk, do a few exercises, call a friend for a social chat, listen to your favourite music, etc.


As you can see, none of these are “rocket science”. Yet, they are all extremely effective at helping you feel and perform better each day.

The key is to make sure they happen.

Schedule them in advance. Set a recurring timer or reminder. Get a friend to check-in and help you be accountable for getting them done!

Do these simple things consistently, and you will expand your potential for health and happiness each day. With your improved mood, energy, and positive perspective, you will begin to see the open doors and opportunities all around you. 

Try it out today and let me know how it goes!

Be well. Stay safe. Keep active. Have Resilience through Restrictions & Tough Times!


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