Mindset Monday: The Benefits Of Coaching

I hope your weekend was fantastic, and that you managed to stay warm. Today, I want to talk about the benefits of coaching and how one Friday was a special day for me, my wife, and 8 of our friends.

We were treated to a full day of ski coaching from Olympian, World Cup ski racer, and television broadcaster Kelly VanderBeek, along with Charlie Leonn, Head Coach at Banff Alpine Racers and former Scottish National Team Member.

To top this already great ski experience off, there was 26cm of fresh powder and it continued to dump snow all day! 🙂

It was a pretty incredible start to an all-around amazing weekend.

But, today’s post is about much more than this cool experience. I want to discuss the benefits of coaching in making breakthroughs happen.

The Benefits of Coaching

That weekend’s coaching was a great reminder to me of the power that top-level coaches can have on mindset and performance breakthroughs.

Over my sporting career, I had the privilege of working with many great coaches, and that has continued throughout my health and fitness career through the various courses and workshops I attend every year.

However, for the past 20+ years, I’ve mostly been on the other side of the coaching experience. Sometimes I forget how powerful a coach’s impact can be.

When I think back to great coaches I had, they all had the ability to:

  • Make complex information seem simple
  • Put that information into clear context (Help me see the big picture)
  • Strip away all of the noise and focus on the one thing that made the biggest difference at the moment
  • Provide a clear path to mastery
  • Provide an ideal blend of inspiration, education, and figurative “kicks in the butt”

That coaching weekend was a master class in these concepts.

ski coach with his student

Kelly and Charlie reminded us to focus on one thing at a time, gave us quick, targeted feedback, and tied these tips back to the big picture goal for the day. They also encouraged and empowered us to practice specific drills during our regular ski days.

Virtually everyone in the group left with a transformative moment where something “clicked” in their mind. Despite feeling awkward in some of the drills, we were all skiing better by the end of the day and had tangible skills we could continue to work on.


What does this mean for you?

Think about all the areas in your life that you’ve struggled to see the progress you want. Sometimes you even know what to do, but struggle to get it done.

This is where a coach can be invaluable.

Whether you hire a coach to help you in business, sport, music, your hobbies, or health and fitness, the process can be transformative.

At FRESH!, we coach people in each of the 4 Pillars of Performance (Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel).

Have you ever struggled to:

  • Perform a certain exercise correctly (or pain-free)
  • Overcome pain, “tightness”, or “weakness” in your body
  • Dial-in your nutrition
  • Make time for exercise, nutrition, or the healthy habits you know you should have
  • Have confidence in your ability to accomplish an objective

In conclusion, coaching can help you soar past these barriers and accomplish many more great things in life.

When you are ready, we would love to work with you, in person or online. Just email, call, or send a carrier pigeon. We are here to help! 🙂

If you are more of a “do it yourself” type of person, you can start your fitness journey at your own pace, with our online, on-demand workshops

Also, check out our YouTube channel for more free lifestyle, fitness tips, and exercise examples. 


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