My failure these past 2 weeks…and what I learned

Today I wanted to talk about my failure these past 2 weeks…and what I learned. Some thoughts today come from direct personal experience over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, they are able to spark inspiration and change in your mindset and daily actions.


“In many cases, the bottleneck to achieving results is simply making the time to do the work.

You’re capable of exercising, but are you making the time?

You’re capable of planning, but are you making the time?

You’re capable of relaxing, but are you making the time?”


Radio Silent

When collecting my thoughts to write this message, I was tempted to start with “life is busy”. But that’s BS and a blatant excuse for not “making the time”. There’s ALWAYS something on the go and other things to do.

At times, we all fall into the trap of distraction and getting away from our success habits. This is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago.

It started with a couple of deadlines. I stayed up late to get them done, didn’t do my evening wrap-up, and slept in and skipped a few morning routines. Then I missed a few mobility and exercise sessions. Most importantly I stopped doing my daily planning.

I still did each of these in sporadic increments, but not consistently. I didn’t PLAN for them and MAKE THE TIME to ensure they happened.

The enormous impact always reminds me that these small factors have on day-to-day health, happiness and performance still blow me away.

Let me restate. YES, it’s normal to fall off track periodically. It happens to all of us.

The key is having systems and support to IDENTIFY the slip earlier in the process and get back on track more quickly.

For me, I wasn’t checking in with my coach, business, and accountability groups. I just went off the radar.

Thankfully they are there to help me when I need it and I am able to refocus and reprioritize my days, tasks, and goals.


Complete 180

Even though I had a late night, I made the conscious choice to get up early, do my morning routine, planning, and check in with my accountability partners. Today has been a complete 180 from the past couple of weeks and the difference in mindset and motivation is phenomenal.


What systems, resources, and people do you have in place to keep performing at your best?

Who is helping you stay accountable for your health, wellness, and personal performance?

How long has it been since you felt like you were rocking your life each day?

Thank you for listening to my failure these past 2 weeks…and what I learned! If you want that feeling (again?) and would like some help achieving it, just email today to get started!


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