New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Things To Eliminate

Do you consider yourself a successful person? Would you like to see more success in your life? Have you set your New Year’s resolutions? What do you think you should eliminate while moving forward in your life?

I Believe there are 3 things people do that derail their success:

  1. Complain
  2. Waste
  3. Settle
Let’s face it. Complainers are miserable to be around.

Getting people to know, like, and trust you is essential to success in every area of life from work to dating and friendship. Complaining makes that extremely challenging.

Plus complaining is an energy vampire! It sucks the energy and passion out of you and everyone around you.

Success Tip – quit complaining and start solving problems!

Waste is just as detrimental to success.

As a society, we waste time, opportunities, and resources.

But most people fail to realize how much waste is hidden in our life that, when eliminated, can skyrocket our chances of success. Here are a few simple examples in work and health:

You skipped the chance to follow up with someone you met at an event – you wasted an opportunity to expand your network.

If you stand on the escalator – you wasted an opportunity to move your body.

You drive around the parking lot trying to get the closest spot to the store – you wasted time, and an opportunity to get some light activity.

If you watch TV or scroll through your phone before bed –  you wasted an opportunity to prepare for success the next day, and to have a better night’s sleep.

Someone does something well and you say nothing – you wasted an opportunity to: show support, brighten their day, make them smile, increase their respect for you, and more!

Every day provides you with opportunities to choose how you’ll spend your time and resources.

If you want success…choose wisely.

And finally, there is settling.

We can also call this “choosing mediocrity”.

If you can be great at something, why settle for being good?

If you can be good, why settle for being average?

My experience is that being great at something doesn’t require much more time or effort than being good, but it requires being smarter with how you’re using your time.

It doesn’t take any more time to move your body than to scroll through Instagram, and the effort isn’t dramatic.

Each week will pass regardless of whether you moved closer to your goals or were stuck in neutral.

Sadly, far too many people decide to stay in their comfort zone.

The really successful ones, find a way to get better.

Think about what are you settling for in life, when you write down your New Year’s resolutions.

Look, you already know these three things…but knowing isn’t enough. 🙂

It actually comes down to how you apply them each day. THAT’S what matters the most!

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