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February Fallout…and Simple Success Tips

February Fallout…and Simple Success Tips! It’s the middle of February. What have you accomplished so far this year?

Are you on track to your goals? Off-track? Not even sure a track exists?goal setting

It’s a sad statistical fact that by this time, over 80% of people have already given up on their resolution goals (More sobering goal stats in a moment).

While we are just over a month into 2021, I’m asking about your goals because I believe it’s important to regularly check-in on progress.

We do this with our private coaching clients and I want you to have the same benefit this check-in provides.

Just because we’ve fallen off track a little, and progress hasn’t been as easy as we thought, doesn’t mean we should give up (or not even start).

As mentioned in the last post, a recent survey by a large company found that 53% of their employees hadn’t set goals. The main reason was because there was such a high failure rate.

The fact is, failure is normal…whichever way we look at it.

In my opinion, there are two ways to look at failure:

First, as the inability to reach a particular objective. Whether that’s through unsuccessful actions or the breakdown of a chosen tactic/strategy/system.

Second, as the cessation of effort towards a particular objective. This is when someone gives up and stops trying. It’s usually accompanied by excuses, blame, frustration, apathy, or resignation…but not always.

Some people like to say that failure doesn’t exist In the first example because all unsuccessful attempts are merely learning opportunities. They say that the only way you can fail is to give up trying.

I agree with both, and also add that failure can be good in both instances.

I can already hear you saying…”What!? You are giving me permission to give up on my goals?”

Sure. First, they are YOUR goals, not mine. You are free to do with them what you please.

Second, goals, priorities, and objectives can change over time. Keeping going towards an outdated goal just because you set it doesn’t make sense.

It also depends on what type of goals we set. We’re they clear enough? Do they need to be abandoned for switching to more relevant objectives?

In the first definition, we embrace failure (or learning, or whatever we want to call it) and continue building the knowledge or skills needed to succeed in future.

In the second definition, there are a number of reasons people may choose to give up on their goals.

Some people just decide that the effort is more than they want to expend. They may be unwilling to consider alternate approaches, or they realize the goal isn’t that important to them. 

That’s a personal decision that every individual must make at times.

That’s why in goal setting it’s extremely important to know WHY you are setting a goal, what the emotional connection is, and the reason that’s important to YOU.

This lack of clarity is also at the heart of why so many people fail to reach their goals.

Here are a few simple success tips to help you “beat the odds” in goal setting.

Ask yourself these questions and check them off your goal setting list as you progress:

  • Are your goals written down? I’m talking handwritten. On paper. Old school. This makes a huge difference.
  • Have you broken them down…into small, manageable chunks with simple, clearly defined steps to success for each?
  • Are they being reviewed regularly (minimum weekly, but ideally every day)
  • Do you create both outcome and process goals to reach your objective? Both are essential to know WHERE you are going and what needs to be DONE to get there!
  • Do you have a reward and celebration system in place? A positive and appropriate reward for your efforts and accomplishments
  • Have you run your goals through the “SMARTER” framework to make sure the best plan is in place? Specific, Measureable, Attainable/Action-based, Realistic, Time-bound, Evaluated regularly, Rewarded Appropriately 

In summary, if you are setting challenging enough goals, failure will be inevitable. How you approach it, and what you do with it and these success tips is what matters most.

Will you learn from the opportunity, adjust your objective/goal, or give up completely? 

There’s no right or wrong answer. It simply depends on what’s best for you. Just be sure to weigh the momentary discomfort/pain/challenge with the long term benefits of goal attainment.

Overcoming challenging obstacles is rarely “comfortable”, yet almost always worth the effort! In fact, I argue that the PROCESS of persevering and overcoming progressive challenges in life is essential to personal and professional growth.

Our mindset towards that process is the most important part of our success and determines how we frame the process in our minds.

Remember, YOU are always in control of your thoughts and actions. These produce the results in your life and loop back to influence your future thoughts and actions.

I call it the Circle of Success or Distress. We are in one of them in every area of life. Which one persists is up to you.

Are you heading in a positive and purposeful direction, or just doing the “same old thing” and letting your circumstances dictate your direction?

Take a moment again to evaluate your current situation.

    • Are you happy with where you are?
    • What progress have you made?
    • What challenges are you facing?
    • What’s been holding you back?
    • What options are available to move forward?
    • Who can help?
    • Are you ready to do what it takes to or do you need to find a better goal?
If you enjoyed these success tips and are ready to make a change to create better and faster progress towards your most important goals but aren’t sure how to make it happen, please reach out. I would love to help. 
You can email me at info@freshfitness.ca or DM me on Instagram or Facebook @freshfitcalgary
Let’s Ignite Your Potential!

feb-success tips

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