The Best Fitness Exercises You Can Do

“What are the best fitness exercises I can do”? I get asked this question ALL THE TIME…and my answer is always the same.

“The best fitness exercises for you are ones you do correctly and consistently!”

The same goes for the best piece of fitness equipment!

This may seem cheeky, but it’s true. 

Even a poorly designed program or the most basic piece of equipment will produce results if the exercises are done properly and performed consistently several times per week.

On the flip side, the most amazing program from the best trainer on the planet will be useless (or even harmful), if performed incorrectly, or not done consistently.

This point often gets overlooked by people in their search for the newest/latest/greatest fitness exercises and solutions.

Remember, the outdoor activities time didn’t come to an end with winter arriving if you embrace outdoor winter activities.

The springs season is typically a time when people head back to the gym, and do more traditional “gym” activities such as weight lifting, machine-based cardio, and fitness classes. However, this year will be different since the majority of people are still working from home and won’t have access to those traditional tools.

In order to thrive during a long, cold, snowy winter, it will help to have a strategy in place for getting consistent (and properly performed), activity sessions.

You can do this in a number of ways.
  1. Do the same thing you’ve been doing…is it working for you?
  2. Invest in some new knowledge, programming variety, or equipment
  3. Get help and accountability from an expert

You can check out the app from FRESH! Wellness Group. It’s available on Apple (iOS) or Android.

Don’t buy fitness equipment unless you have a plan in place to use it properly and consistently. Keeping this in mind, if you still feel you want some high-quality commercial equipment for your home, please let me know. The pieces we have available are going fast, but we still have some left. I will help you determine the best option for your needs.

Whichever option(s) you choose, the idea is to set yourself up for success this winter.

To help, here are a few options for you:
  1. Email me to request 5 free home works (no equipment needed)
  2. Book a session with one of our expert coaches to help you map out the ideal (and realistic), winter workout plan.
  3. Enroll in one of our on-demand workshops with instant access, carefully designed for you to LIVE BETTER!

Which option(s) do you feel are best for you? Let me know.

Have an amazing weekend.

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