Tim’s Top 3 Tips For Success In 2022

Another year is here and I would like to give you 3 tips for success in 2022. This month millions of people are making resolutions and setting goals while others are shouting for you to forget about such things because they are doomed to fail anyway.

In my opinion, resolutions are neither good nor bad. I believe it’s simply about WHY and HOW they are used.

That brings me to my first success tip for the new year…and for life in general.

Mindset is Everything.

Your mindset is the filter through which you see the world. 

It sets the stage for your perceptions, actions, and outcomes in every area of life.

Goals and resolutions are an important part of this mindset.

If your mindset is mired in defeatism and scarcity, and your goals are set because “it’s that time of year, and everyone else is doing it”, or because “I may as well try this ‘weight loss thing’ again”, then just stop right now and save yourself the frustration. This approach is counterproductive and will likely lead to failure.

However, if you’ve thought deeply about the most important objectives you want to accomplish, determined why accomplishing them is important to you, and you’ve connected strong positive emotions to these changes, then setting a New Year’s resolution can be a great factor in your success later in the year.

This brings us to my second success tip.

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Habits Make it Happen

Despite having the right mindset and setting effective goals, many people end up falling short when it comes to habits. Think of it this way…Habits are the framework within which you implement your mindset.

If the mindset is your fuel and energy to create change, habits are the way that energy is channeled into results, and how you continue to renew that energy each day and throughout the year.

This is important because initial enthusiasm and motivation can slip over time. Without a strong emotional connection to your goal(s), and an effective system to keep you moving towards them, long-term sustainable results will be elusive.

While there are many great habits you can have, I’ve found that they can be distilled down to 3 simple categories that target a specific area of each day and aspect of performance. Everyone will benefit from habits that:

  • Kickstart your day
  • Maintain your energy and focus during the day
  • Plan and set you up for success the following day

Examples that we teach clients at FRESH! are FRESH! Start Morning Method™ to kick off the day, Energy Accelerators™, Focus Finders™,  And Pattern Interrupts™ to keep yourself fired up and on task during your day, and the Evening Wrap-up Routine™ to prepare you for a great night of sleep and your next productive day.

Notice how these are not specific to fitness and weight loss?

That’s by design. These habits are the foundation of success across every area of life…including health, fitness, and weight loss.

Without enough energy, focus, and organization, you will continually end up burnt out, frustrated, and often wasting your time and energy on the wrong things.

This is where the last tip comes in.

Fuel Your Fire

Renewal, recovery, and regeneration are critical to long-term success. In work and life, stress levels get high, focus gets lost, and it’s easy to get stuck in a reactive/survival mode. This is where using your habits to reconnect with your mindset helps to fuel your fire and accelerate your performance.

Here’s how it works. 

Once you’ve connected with your passion, purpose, and goals, part of the habit process is to strategically plan time to:

  • Reconnect with the reason you’ve embarked on this journey of change, particularly the strong emotions around accomplishing your objectives
  • Relax and recharge your physical and mental batteries
  • Carve out time to do things that fuel your fire!

Whether it’s engaging in a hobby you love, exercising, spending time with family and friends, or ideally some combination of each, it’s important to realize that investing time in these areas pays back amazing rewards in health, happiness, productivity, and performance!

There you have it. 3 tips for success, simple and highly effective to have your best year ever.

The important question is: Are you going to use these 3 tips for success?

Like last year (and the years before), you can set traditional resolutions. Statistically, 94% of them will fail within a couple of months. Or, you can resolve to do something different this year, follow a different path, and dramatically increase your chances of success.

You are the only person that can make that decision.

If you are ready to create your ideal life and want to speed up the process, I can help.

Work privately with me and my team, or join some of our Carefully Designed Courses for you to…Eat, Move, and Live better!

It’s time to Ignite Your Potential.

Have an amazing week! 

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