Tips For Proper Posture

It’s the start of another work week, and for most of us, that means LOTS of sitting at a desk. Today, I’ve put together some simple, yet extremely important tips for proper posture.

Proper posture is an often forgotten and neglected part of our physical well-being

The thing that most people fail to realize is that posture can have a direct impact on the rest of our life, including the psychological, emotional, and metabolic aspects. This may seem like a lot for simply “standing straighter”, but it’s not just about standing tall or avoiding slouching at your desk.

Posture is linked to our movement, moods, metabolism, and many other components of health and well-being. Here’s a quick overview and some simple tips you can do RIGHT NOW to look, feel, and function better throughout your day with proper posture.

women showing the proper standing posture

proper standing posture


Proper posture is a key factor in creating effective movement patterns in life and at the gym. When we are in the optimal posture, our muscles rest, recover and are ideally positioned for use.

Poor posture creates unnecessary aches, pains, and injuries. It also promotes faulty movement patterns that lead to lower movement quality, less effectiveness, and even more aches, pains, and injury when we get active.


When we are in poor posture, our body and blood flow can be compromised, this is particularly true of head/neck position (e.g. smartphone neck). With this slightly reduced blood flow, we are not as mentally sharp, responsive, or aware. We often feel fatigued or lethargic, and our moods will trend lower.

women with neck pain

smartphone neck pain


Slouched posture through the spine restricts and reduces the volume of our breathing patterns. When we aren’t getting enough oxygen to our cells, our metabolic profile changes. We go from a rest/relaxation state to one of “fight or flight”. This means we switch from burning fat for fuel (aerobic metabolism) to using “sugars” for fuel in the form of glycogen (anaerobic metabolism).

Tips for proper posture

The simplest tip for proper posture is to move your body consistently throughout the day.

Regular movement can overcome many of the downsides of poor resting posture, but it always helps to sit or stand in the best position possible.

women sitting in an office desk

proper sitting posture

When you do move, start from a foundation of proper posture and you will be better set up for success in all of your fitness and recreational activities.

It’s Monday, what you do today will determine how you feel the rest of the week! Proper posture and moving regularly is a great way to improve your work performance, mood, and productivity this week!

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