discover which type of person are you

Which Type of Person Are You

We are all different and unique in our own ways, yet human behaviour follows many predictable patterns. I’m even testing a hypothesis at the end of this message to see which type of person are you, and if certain patterns present themselves.

These patterns are so prevalent in our lives, that many of them are considered innate aspects of our personality or genetics.

Types of Personalities

For example, our world is filled with optimists, pessimists, introverts, extroverts, action-takers, procrastinators, A-types, B-types, Yogis, Crossfitters, and endless other patterns and preferences within the behavioural landscape.

You probably identified closely with some of the words I listed. You may even feel they are part of your “core being”.

which type of person are you

The important thing to consider is none of these patterns of behaviour are set in stone

They just happen to be your unique way of adapting and learning based on the experiences you’ve had throughout your life.

Yes, some people are “wired” differently and may be predisposed to certain thoughts and behaviour patterns. However, life is always a blend of nature and nurture.

Whether you are dealt the “best” or “worst” genetic hand, your daily actions and behaviours make a massive difference in your outcomes, and these actions are directly within your personal control.

This means that you can change by simply exposing yourself to new experiences and challenges each day!

There are many reasons to seek change, but the most common one is that you aren’t getting the results you want in one or more areas of life.

I’ve covered the specific steps of change in another post, so won’t get into them here.

The most important thing to remember is that nothing happens without action

Sometimes our built-in behaviour patterns stand in the way of change, particularly when it comes to seizing the opportunities right in front of us.

This concept was demonstrated perfectly by an event I was at over a decade ago.

The keynote speaker was on stage talking about building the skills of seeing opportunity and taking clear, decisive action.

He pulled a stack of money from his pocket, peeled off a crisp $100 bill, held it out in front of him and casually said, “Who wants $100?”.

Almost every hand in the room went up.

He then said, “No, really, who wants $100 right now?”

The entire room cheered but still sat there.

It was only after another 10 seconds of the speaker holding out the bill that one person in the 4th row looked around, stood up, walked to the stage, and took the money from the speaker’s hand.

The speaker gladly gave him the money and congratulated him for “standing up and taking advantage of the opportunity in front of him.”

You could see the message hit home on every face in the room (including mine)…”Oh S**T. I totally missed that chance”.

Throughout the 3 day event, the host and various other speakers did this a total of 10 times.

Needless to say, after the second time, more people sat near the front of the stage, and there was a veritable stampede to get the money when presented.

discover which type of person are you

My point in telling this story is that we face great opportunities every day

We face great opportunities every they even for things we desperately want, yet most people fail to put their desires into action. However, our ability to improve can happen quickly in the right circumstances.

Whether you sit more on the “action-taker” end of the spectrum or on the “cautious observer” side, the fact is, that opportunities are ripe for picking.

It’s up to you to notice them, and then capitalize on them by taking decisive action. Many times this action will need to happen without all the available information, when you are nervous, fearful, or feel you are at risk of embarrassment.

The person I mentioned who got the $100 from the speaker was probably thinking (like everyone else), “Is he serious?”, but he took action not knowing what the outcome would be.

So, which type of person are you

What is your “hundred dollars”?

Better fitness? Weight loss? To get rid of pain? Greater happiness and confidence?

What opportunities for positive change are staring you in the face?

What action are you going to take to seize those opportunities?

Still unsure?

Remember, you can’t always predict the outcome of your action, but the decision to act is always in your control.

To help you start working that muscle, here’s an opportunity.

If better health, fitness, weight loss, mindset, habits, performance, nutrition, or pain reduction are on your list of desires, and you are serious about making it happen (moving past the excuses and procrastination) then you need to contact us.

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Remember…Action creates opportunity.

The choice is yours.


  1. Adore this post and love this in particular… “the decision to act is always in your control”. This is inspiring me to see the opportunities and act on them. Thank you. Great post. 🙂

    1. Author

      I am so glad you liked it and found it useful. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. “The most important thing to remember is that nothing happens without action”: It couldn’t be truer. I loved reading your article as always, so inspiring and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely fascinating! It’s intriguing how despite our unique traits, we often fit into these universal patterns and personality types.

    1. Author

      Yes, exactly my thoughts. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Great post. You are so right many people do fail to put their desires into action. I know for me this post has also inspired me to act on many opportunities I see. Nothing doesn’t happen without action!!!

    1. Author

      We are so glad that you found our post useful. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. So happy you noted that things are never written in stone. we can make changes/adaptations no matter how long we’ve been a certain type of person and that’s a good thing. 🙂

    1. Author

      Exactly Rosey! We can always make changes towards better. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Author

      Glad to hear that Catherine. Thanks for commenting!

  6. This was a super interesting read! It’s cool to see how so many things can influence one’s fitness goals and how they go about achieving them.

  7. I love this so much! We never know where the first step will ultimately take us, but we go NOWHERE if we don’t take it!

  8. I’m the type who likes to throw himself into his routine. I have a whole spreadsheet of what I’ve done the weeks before and constantly try to up it. I also make sure to do deloads when necessary.

    1. Author

      I am glad to hear that you are so well organized Ben. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. I have a great time reading this as this post inspires me as well to take action at every opportunity and make those opportunities into reality. Thank you

    1. Author

      We are glad if we can help Gervin! Thanks for commenting!

  10. Your story about the $100 bill at the event powerfully illustrated the importance of taking decisive action in the face of opportunity. Thank you for the inspiring reminder that while we may have innate tendencies, we always have the power to change and take control of our actions to achieve our goals.

  11. Your post on different personality types is fascinating and insightful! I love how you’ve broken down each type and provided helpful tips for personal growth. Big thanks to your sponsors for supporting such engaging and informative content!

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