Mindset Change: For Dramatically Better Results

Let’s face it, we all have goals and are working towards objectives in life (whether we formally admit it or not). The problem is that most people continually struggle to produce the results they want. As you may know, I’m a big believer in the power of mindset. In fact, I believe that mindset change it’s the most important part of our ability to change and get the results we want in life.

Notice how I put CHANGE first, and then RESULTS second.

To accomplish any goal…and maintain the results (i.e. weight loss, fitness, learning, professional development, etc.), a personal transformation must occur.

Not just in results, but in who you ARE as a person. It’s a mindset change and IDENTITY shift.

The type of person you see yourself as must change.

We can take action, but any results will only be temporary until the actions we took to become part of who we are as a person.

This type of transformation requires us to shift our mindset and personal identity so that we see ourselves and our actions from a new perspective.

For example, many people exercise and eat well with the goal of losing weight.

These results will never stick until the perspective is shifted and a different type of goal is set.

Those that are successful over the long term exercise and eat well because that’s what healthy people do, and they see themselves as healthy person. Weight loss may be a positive side effect of the process, but it’s not the overall goal.

This may seem like a small nuance, but it has profound implications for our thoughts, moods, perspective, and ultimately the results we achieve.

Think of this as you are setting goals and taking action. What are your big picture purpose and reason for doing it? How do you perceive the actions you take? As a chore, a “necessary evil”, or as a gift to future yourself?

Your mindset and perspective make almost ALL the difference.

I say almost because you still need to get your butt in gear and take focussed action. But, focussed action from a flawed mindset is rarely sustainable…and much less enjoyable!

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To help with this mindset shift, here are some other examples:
  • A marathon may be a milestone along the way, but the real goal is to become a runner.
  • Your goal is not to read a book, but to become a reader.
  • Your goal is not to learn to play an instrument, the goal is to become a musician.

This year, instead of diving into the same resolution rat race (or giving up completely), think about what new IDENTITY you want to build!

Let me know…I would love to hear and help and be part of your accountability team that makes it happen. 

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Have an amazing week!

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