Wednesday Wellness: Bridging The Core Beliefs Gap

“Sometimes you have to believe in somebody else’s belief in you until your own belief kicks in” ~Les Brown.

This is the perfect quote to kick off today’s topic. It also speaks well to the core beliefs gap that I see on a daily basis in our studios and with new coaching clients.

As a coach, I’ve often said that “people won’t change until they are ready”. Or that “You can’t want the change more than your client”.

While these statements are true, in the beginning, the belief and inspiration of a coach are often what carries a client. Until they can start believing in themselves enough to carry the torch on their own.

This core beliefs gap falls under the “Mindset” pillar and is one aspect of the mindset that we work with clients to master.

Without a strong, positive, confident mindset, everything else you do in life becomes much more challenging.

Many people, rationally believe they can “lose weight” or “get fit”, but their actions and internal monologue (self-talk) tell a different true story. In many cases, their mindset actively sabotages their stated goals.

Humans are not completely rational (Tip from experience…DO NOT remind your spouse of this during an argument). Emotion and ingrained belief systems exert an incredible influence on our thoughts and actions.

Often, our core beliefs are not correct, and they hold us back in subtle ways. Denying this influence is a common reason people struggle to reach their goals.

The great news is we can shift these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions while controlling our actions and thereby our outcome and results in life.

a young women coach helping an older women student

From my perspective, a huge part of coaching is about closing or narrowing the “gaps” that exist in clients’ lives, particularly the ones that people can’t see.

These gaps can be defined as the distance between perception and reality. The greater the gap, the greater the stress.

We all have a variety of “gaps”. It’s important to realize that these gaps exist in all areas of life (health, fitness, work, relationships, etc.). And that many of them are “invisible”.

We aren’t aware that they exist, or of the impact that these gaps are having on our life.

Visible gaps are the focus of most health and fitness professionals. The most common are fitness level and body composition.

While the two most common goals in any fitness studio are “Get Fit” and “Lose Weight”, the initial solution has little to do with fitness and nutrition.

This is why people join a gym or come to a trainer to “get fit” and “lose weight”, but often struggle to reach those goals.

It’s also why I wrote The Fitness Curveball. And why I focus on educating people in the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance in order of importance (Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel).

Are the gaps in your life are causing you more stress than you want? I encourage you to look closer at the invisible factors that may be holding you back.

One of the most important aspects of coaching is the BELIEF that our clients have the power to solve their own challenges and overcome the barriers they are facing. 

Great coaches help people more clearly see the problem. They work with clients to explore solutions and act as a TRUSTED GUIDE along the path to success.

YOU must still walk each step.

As coaches, we are there with you every step of the way, helping you see, feel, and BELIEVE in your power and ability.

This is so much more than making you sweat, counting reps, or using some specialized piece of equipment.

To paraphrase British poet John Donne…No Man (or Woman) is an Island.

If you are struggling to bridge some of the gaps in your life, our expert coaches would like to help.

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We are ready when you are.

Have an amazing rest of the week!

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