3 Simple Tips For Healthier Travel Experience

Last week I spent time traveling back and forth from Louisville, KY, and I want to share some of the simple travel tips I use to ensure I maintain my energy and health.

Louisville is a great city but has to be one of the most challenging places to fly to. There are very few direct flights, and most require two connections or more.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in airports, on planes, and in hotels on this trip. Combined with flight delays, I was acutely reminded of the importance and power of these healthy travel habits I learned while taking long bus trips with the National Baseball Institute.

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

This one is pretty straightforward. Everyone knows that drinking water is important, it’s just that so few people do it. Sort of like regular exercise and healthy eating! Since you aren’t able to take water through security, the best option is to take a refillable bottle, or buy one after security and keep refilling it.

If you want to get fancy, there are some cool collapsible bottles you can buy and keep with your carry-on baggage. Regardless of the vessel you use, the most important part is to keep drinking and refilling it.

Your goal should be to have AT LEAST 1/2oz per pound of body weight per day of PLAIN water (a 150 lb person would aim for 75oz per day. This is just over 2L).

It goes without saying – avoid sugary drinks. If you want some flavor, stop at one of the restaurants in the airport and ask for a slice of lemon or lime to squeeze into your water.

Tip #2: Move Your Body As Much As Possible

The human body was meant to move. Sitting in airports, and shuttles, in cars, conference rooms, and desks wreaks havoc on our physical and mental state. Too much sitting creates aches, pains, reduced mobility, lowers our energy, depresses our mood, and creates cravings for sweet snacks.

Simply by moving regularly, we are able to avoid all of these issues and provide a wide range of benefits including better digestion, heart, and joint health.

Here are a few tips for moving in airports, hotels, and on vacation:

  • Walk briskly between gates

  • Take Stairs or walk on moving sidewalks and escalators whenever possible

  • Mobilize – particularly hips/shoulders/spine

  • Lift your luggage to do a bit of strength and core training

  • Stand up at regular intervals and stretch/mobilize (in plane, conferences, boarding lounges, etc.)

  • Walk, run, or ride a bike to see the sights in a new city

  • Walk around the conference building between sessions

  • Do some “old school” body weight type calisthenics to get blood moving, even if it’s 2-3 minutes

There are opportunities for movement all around you. The key is taking advantage of them. This week when traveling, I was shocked at how everyone seemed to be taking the “easy” way.

They were walking very slowly, standing on escalators and moving sidewalks (my pet peeve), and sitting for hours on their devices waiting for their chance to sit for more hours on a plane.

You are better than this, and you deserve better health. With 2 out of every 3 people overweight or obese, it’s clear that most people aren’t taking the opportunities presented to them.

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Tip #3: Fuel Your Body with Healthy Choices

Airports and hotels are notorious for unhealthy and “convenience” snacks. Unfortunately, most people just resign themselves to eating garbage. It doesn’t have to be this way! YOU are in control of what you eat, and ultimately how this food makes you feel.

A few simple travel tips for nutrition can help you arrive feeling great. Here they are:
  • Bring your own healthy snacks

  • Make the extra effort (and expense) to pay for healthy food

  • Limit your portions on large meals, and stop at one trip on buffets.

Your own healthy snacks can include:
  • Homemade trail mix with unsalted nuts, dried fruit, and seeds

  • Make your own “energy bar”

  • A simple and whole-food ingredient bar such as a LARA Bar.

Most airports, hotels, and the area around hotels have options for serving healthy food. However, they are typically surrounded by unhealthy and sometimes more convenient choices.

Having the right mindset on your trip will make it easier for you to choose healthy choices, even if it means a little extra effort.

For example, the hotel on my recent trip had a “free lunch” that consisted of hot dogs, nachos and cheese, and popcorn. Despite being free, I chose to walk 5 minutes across a busy street to go to the Kroger grocery store.

To my delight, they had a salad bar with great choices. I was able to make an excellent salad customized to my liking, and it only cost $5.75. Notice how I wasn’t telling you what you should eat. Nutrition isn’t that complicated. If you want to have a treat or indulge…FINE.

One of my biggest joys of travel is getting to try new restaurants, food, and culinary experiences. Simply understand how what you eat fits into the bigger picture, including the consequences on your energy, health, and progress towards your goals.

Choosing healthy (and tasty) food will have a profound impact on your travel experience. When combined with the previous two travel tips, you will be full of energy, refreshed, and ready to take on all the work and adventures at your destination.


Can you see the trend in these tips?

Do any of them require special equipment or expertise? NO!

People think that have to do extraordinary things to be successful, but success simply requires doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!

Each of these options is great on its own, but combined, they make a massive difference in the outcome of your travel experience. Plus, over the long term, doing these things means you reach your goals faster.

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