Home Vs Gym Workouts

Today, we will address another question that became a fitness myth and a very important one, especially during this last pandemic, and it’s regarding home vs. gym workouts.

Working out at the gym is better than working out at home (or vice versa)

There are so many versions of this myth that it’s sometimes hard to keep them straight. Other versions are “X” is the best type of workout, or “X” is the only equipment you will need.

The myth isn’t so much that either side is wrong, it’s just that by pitting one vs. other in absolute terms, it misses the fact that every person is different, has different needs, and that those needs are constantly changing.

So, is working at home better than the gym (or vice versa)? My official answers are “maybe” and “it depends”.

Before you roll your eyes and throw something at me, here is some science for you. This 2008 study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine showed that people who exercise at home are more likely to begin the exercise, but to have trouble maintaining it compared to gym-based activity.

Working out at home is more convenient, takes less time, costs less, and generally has a low barrier of entry compared to gyms. However, in a gym, you get equipment variety, social interaction, greater accountability, and you are paying to play which (at least for a little while) means you will place more value on your membership.

At FRESH!, we are very clear with clients that you do not NEED a gym to stay healthy and fit. However, if you feel that it’s going to allow you to maintain and do some of the specific workout styles that you enjoy, then go for it.

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The truth is, there is no “best” exercise, workout program, location, etc.

If I have to answer (which sometimes clients browbeat me to do), I always say it’s the one you do properly and consistently!

Congratulations on staying with me over the past few weeks while we debunked these myths. Of course, there are many more prevalent myths out there and I’m committed to keeping you “in the know”.

If there are questions you have that you want me to address in future posts, please comment or respond. I love hearing from you.

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