Simple Fitness Tips For Rainy Day Workouts

It’s POURING rain today. Not a common occurrence in Calgary, but I like it. It reminds me of growing up in Vancouver. There’s a reason everything is so green on the west coast! The rain also inspired me to write this post. Hopefully, these fitness tips for rainy day workouts will inspire you to move your body over the coming week despite the wet weather forecast.

With a healthy, positive mindset towards health, fitness, and exercise, weather, work, and most external circumstances have little impact on our long-term success.

Think of it this way, if you view yourself as someone who is healthy, active, and does it because you value what those things bring to your mind, body, and lifestyle, then you will be active regardless of the weather (or some other situation that comes up).

Now, I’m not saying that you need to be outside running in the pouring rain (though that’s sometimes nice to do), or that you ignore external factors. I’m just saying that it doesn’t make sense to have the weather or transient phenomena determine whether you will be active over the long term.

Sure, once in a while something may come up to get you out of your routine, but those people who have their health and fitness priorities in place will adapt and find other options to move their bodies and feel great.

There are many activities you can do that don’t involve going outside on a rainy day. Yet, exercise compliance typically drops when it rains. It just becomes one more psychological barrier to overcome.

Here are a couple of simple ways to move past this barrier:
Use the 10-minute rule:

Commit to doing 10 minutes. If at that point you want to stop, that’s fine. At least you did 10 minutes. Often, by the 10-minute mark, you are feeling pretty good and the “sunk cost” concept kicks. You say to yourself, I’ve already put in the effort to get here, I may as well finish.

Plus, if you are out in the rain, you will already be wet. Think about it, once you are wet, you can’t get any wetter!

Pick a new activity to try that keeps you active, having fun, and even learning a new skill!

Using the rain example, if there’s just no way you can fathom going outside for your regular run, pick a new activity. Perhaps you do a brisk walk indoors, head to the gym for a class, or circuit workout, or just find an open area in your office and do a quick bodyweight calisthenics workout.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s simply a matter of connecting your brain to WHY you want to do this in the first place, how great you will feel when it’s done, and how you are honoring your mind, body, and lifestyle with the gift of movement today.

That will leave you feeling better and more likely to actually move your body.

Overcoming these little daily barriers will produce incredible long-term results for you. The great news is that the more practice you get thinking and acting in this way, the stronger the habits you will create.

It’s the mindset and habits that set the foundation for ALL of your future success in health, fitness, and life.

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Now you know why today’s rainy day is a wonderful gift to you.

Embrace this moment, learn, grow and honor yourself by moving well and moving often.

Let us know how it goes and if these simple fitness tips helped you see things from a different perspective during these rainy days.

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