Coaching Or Coddling: The Delicate Balancing Act!

As a coach, my job is very interesting. In case it wasn’t clear to you, I absolutely LOVE what I do. It warms my heart and makes me very proud that through FRESH! coaching, we get the opportunity to help people positively transform their life.

One of my other passions is helping fellow fitness professionals learn important skills so they can provide greater results for their clients and ultimately improve the health of society. Yet, there’s definitely a tough balance in both roles.

Whether as a paid client or for free through this newsletter, people come to me to help them achieve their goals.

They want to tap into my knowledge, experience, and awareness to educate, motivate, and inspire them. I take that responsibility VERY SERIOUSLY. To do that, I am often put in an interesting position…

Often people think they need (or want) to be coddled, but I have to do the opposite. In these situations, they often get a much-needed “gut check” so they can start getting real and face their issues/excuses/challenges.

Whether it’s a fitness client wanting to let the same old excuses stop her from losing weight, or it’s the fit pro who won’t get out of his own way and open his mind to a new perspective.

As a coach, it’s my job to “hold up the mirror” and call you on your BS.

Sometimes this offends people. While that’s never my intent, and I strive to be as nice as possible, sometimes there’s only so much you can candy-coat the truth.

People are typically offended when:

  • They misunderstand the intentions

  • What’s being said calls them out and they know it’s the truth

I’ve personally faced these situations with MY coaches…and even with my wife! It’s never easy, but the results are undeniable. My coaches are much nicer about delivering the truth…perhaps because I’m paying them.

a fitness coach with his client

To make this point perfectly, one of my training clients, Terri, shared this with me the other day:

I have found that in most cases people are offended when something hits a bit close to home.

Keep telling us what we need to hear. That is why we pay you the big bucks. :-D”

It’s also important to point out that sometimes you just need a hug and some reassurance. As a coach, I’ve been known to do that, too.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our coaching and programs:

These videos make my heart soar every time I watch them. It’s definitely a great pick me up when I have those moments when I wonder if I’m making a difference.

So, the point of all of this is that you have greatness in you. But, you also have…
  • Less energy and enthusiasm than you want

  • Those few extra pounds that never seem to go away despite your efforts

  • Nagging aches, pains, and injuries that have frustratingly held you back

  • A stressful and busy life, that makes you wonder how you will ever “fit it all in”

  • A strong desire to experience a better and happier way to live.

Would you benefit from coaching provided by a great TEAM of real people who understand your needs, challenges, and frustrations, that will be with you every step of the way, AND call you on your BS (in a loving way)?

If so, book now your FREE Success Coaching Session with FRESH!, and let’s ignite your full potential, together!

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