How Small, Daily Habits Can Impact Your Life, Health & Fitness

This week, the reminder came in for my semi-annual dentist appointment (actually, it’s every 9 months based on my insurance coverage), and it got me thinking about how small, daily habits positively impact your health and fitness.

Here’s a scenario for you…

You decide not to brush your teeth daily, but you make sure to get two cleanings per year from the hygienist, and a check-in from the dentist during this appointment.

How do you suppose that’s going to work out for you?

I can’t imagine any dentist who would say that’s a good plan for having fantastic teeth. They will all say that if you had to choose, you are better to do your daily work (brushing & floss a couple of times per day) than getting two major cleanings per year.

Now, doing both is clearly ideal because even with the best daily practice you’ll still benefit greatly from that deeper cleaning you can only get at the dentist. Combine this with the insight and knowledge of trained professionals to highlight any issues and provide adjustments in your preventative care plan, and you are truly set up for success.

So, how do these small habits impact your health & fitness?

Well, how many people do you know who rarely exercise workouts 2-3x/week and fail to support their body with healthy food most of the time (this doesn’t need to be all of the time)?

Chances are, they are also the first to sign up for annual transformation challenges, detox programs, or to try out the latest fad diet.

Sound familiar? You bet!

How do you think that works out (no pun intended) in the long run?

It’s no secret that the small, seemingly mundane daily habits that positively impact your life, health & fitness are always going to produce far better results than trying to be “perfect” for 6 weeks here and 21 days there…

Now, if you can do both…you are well ahead of the curve! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t have to be “perfect” during a challenge or detox to be successful. That’s just setting yourself up for failure.

The key is to have the growth mindset that these short-term events are there for motivation, acceleration, and inspiration in your longer-term plan. They shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox.

The tortoise and the hare story is a perfect analogy: consistency always trumps intensity in the long run!

Small but consistent habits always trump intensity in the long run!

Simply focus on the things you have direct control over, and are able to do most of the time, and that adds up to big changes over time.

This includes daily mobility and activity, exercise several days per week, drinking at least 100 ounces of water per day, and getting to bed on time.

These simple habits will serve you much better than going “all in” a couple of times per year and then reverting back to unsupportive habits for the remainder of the year.

Unfortunately, most people think that these things are either “too hard” to do, or that they “aren’t dramatic enough to make a difference”.

Now you know (or have been reminded of) the truth! The next step is up to you. This brings me to one of my favorite quotes…

There are only two days in the year when nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live. – The Dalai Lama

So, listen to the Lama…and make every “TODAY” count.

Comment on this blog post and let me know what you will do today to honor your body, mind, spirit, and future!

Create yourself an amazing day!

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  1. I love this so much! People always think that getting healthy is so hard, but it’s really all about small changes.

  2. I also believe in this. Small steps but always moving forward does provide great rewards in the long run. Staying healthy has always been on the top of my list!

      1. BRILLIANT! Completely agree that consistency is key so start small but start!

  3. Great information & tips! I need to get back into some daily fitness myself and this is very helpful.

  4. This is a very motivating post. It really is the little things. So often we get stuck thinking it has to be huge stuff and then we make no progress.

  5. Nnniiiccceeee…I jog everyday for atleast 50 minutes, drink at least 3 litres of water and midnight must find me in my bed. It’s such a good life I created for myself.

  6. Small daily habits become customary! For me getting up at 530 took a few weeks and now it’s standard to get in a workout!

  7. I love that your reminded us that we don’t have to do it perfect and that just sets us up for failure. Great article!

  8. This year I started using Oprah’s intentional living planner called The Life You Want. I also want to get her happiness one. I also am reminded to work out daily by my husband which helps a lot.

  9. I am going to try to maintain good sleeping hygiene as my small habit that builds up; Thanks for this motivational post!

  10. It is true that small things can make for big changes! These are great tips and ways to make changes to your daily habits. I do think that it makes more sense to make small changes, as drastic changes can result in failure.

  11. I completely agree that small daily habits make a big difference in our physical, emotional and mental health. I’m a big advocate of taking breaks throughout our day and going on short walks since it helps us reset and get our energy back!

    1. Author

      Great that we share the same thoughts 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  12. This is something I have really been working on. It really is the little changes that add up and create big change. Trying to jump right into big change can be overwhelming and hence stifle the growth altogether.

    1. Author

      I am glad that you agree Amber! Thanks for engaging!

  13. Well, there is no secret that the small, seemingly mundane daily habits that positively impact your life, health & fitness are always going to produce far better results. We just have to remember it … daily 😉

  14. I totally agree that small consistent habits go a long way. Thanks for reminding and inspiring us to take small strides to reach our fitness goals.

  15. Ugh, been so unhealthy the past 6 months. We are cramped in two tiny rooms at my parents’ house bec we’re still waiting for our occupancy permit to be released. But we’re not staying long there either. we will need to move again very soon.

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear that May! You will get back on track soon enough.

  16. Great advice! I’m a big believer in making small changes when working on building new habits to reach health and fitness goals. Eventually, all those small changes add up to something big.

  17. It’s so true! Doing small amounts each day adds up to so much more and is more sustainable in the long run. My husband and I used to do a 10-minute workout 5 days per week. Now we are up to a 30-minute walk plus anywhere from 10-30 minutes workouts as well.

    1. Author

      Thats great to hear Stephanie! Keep up the great work!

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