Mindset Growth: You “News” You Lose

Happy Monday. I’m still in San Diego for a conference and retreat. It’s been great, but since my daily routine is out of the ordinary, I’ve observed some things I want to share. This observation can directly impact your mindset growth in either a positive or negative way. It depends on what you do with the information.

In the morning at breakfast, the TV in the restaurant is on. It’s always turned to the news (usually Good Morning San Diego, or some other related channel). Now, I never watch the news at home, and rarely watch TV (The exception would be a PVR show or Netflix movie).

The thing I noticed right away is the sensationalism of the news cycle, and the overall negativity.

If you took the news at face value, you would think the world was on the brink of Armageddon, even in the relatively sedate city of San Diego. While this may be a bit more dramatic in the US, I don’t think the media portrayal is too much worse than any large city in Canada. So why does this matter to you?

This type of coverage has a direct impact on your mindset growth by filling your mind with one-sided negative thoughts, particularly first thing in the morning. Not the best way to set the tone for your day.

In my book The Fitness Curveball, I show a model for mindset called the Circle of Success…or Distress™ that demonstrates how this situation can create a negative impact on your entire day, and even your life over the long term.

It starts with your thoughts.

When negative thoughts enter our minds, they color our perception of the environment and circumstances around us. We are more likely to have a negative perception of a situation when fuelled by a preceding negative thought.

With a negative perception, we are more likely to take a negative or ill-advised action in that situation. This action will be more likely to produce a negative outcome. The negative outcome will reinforce that negative thought we originally had, leading to a perpetuation of the entire circle.

This is how some people can think the world is a horrible, negative, and dangerous place where everyone is “out to get them”. Yet, another person facing the same situation can see the world as a happy, helpful, safe place full of possibilities.

It all comes back to the quality of input to our mental system. What you feed your mind begins to manifest itself in all areas of your life.

The great news is that you have a choice about what you feed your mind, and how that fuel impacts every other aspect of the Circle.

My choice is to minimize the news I watch. When I do watch negative things (because it’s still important to keep up with the world), I am conscious to include extra information that shows positivity, potential, and greatness in the world around me.

Using personal development, learning, socialization with friends and family, as well as tools like gratitude and laughter are excellent and simple ways to ensure you are protecting and improving your mindset each day.

Our mindset is the filter through which we see the world. In our Mindset Mastery Workshop, you will learn strategies that will support you in cultivating a mindset that creates opportunities and success in your life.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, and some of your favorite strategies for staying happy, positive, and proactive in life.

Have a wonderful week!

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