Stress Relievers For Resilience, And Recovery

Friday is perfect to chat about today’s topic. Despite STRESS relievers being the topic, you will see that what we talk about today will create a lot of fun, enjoyment, and energy in your life. And hopefully a bit less stress.

Now that’s something worth exploring! It’s no secret that stress is everywhere. Ironically, people stress themselves out each day trying to eliminate it.

The reality is that stress is normal, part of everyday life, and actually essential for your success.

When we realize this and truly understand it, we are freed from trying to eliminate the stress in our lives. We can then focus on effective management of the sources of our stress, and even use it to our advantage to accomplish our biggest goals.

Effectively managing your stress gives you the resilience, renewal, and recovery you need to perform at your best while helping you gain perspective on what’s most important in life.

Without effective stress relievers, life starts to suck.

Too many clients we see walk into our studio at FRESH! are stressed, overwhelmed, and poorly managing their energy/health. Without the strategies and interventions we facilitate, eventually, their body (and/or mind) would break down and force them into a rest/recovery state.

To paraphrase Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, “Those who don’t find time for health and self-care, will be forced to make time for illness.”

While we won’t dive into all the aspects of stress, I want to highlight a few key points from one of my most popular Workplace Wellness seminars titled “Is Stress Making Your Pants Tight?” Could your company benefit from a session like this?

Here’s what we will cover…

  • Coping strategies

  • The Stress Spiral

  • The Natural Stress Cycle

Coping Strategies

There are many coping strategies, but they generally fall into two different categories.

  • Constructive
  • Destructive

Constructive strategies include exercise, sleep, relaxation, meditation, goal setting, gratitude, counseling, laughter, listening to music, reading, and many more.

Destructive coping strategies include drinking, drugs, instigating conflict, avoidance, etc. Each person will have strategies that work best for them, but the key is to find the best constructive ones you can and use them at every opportunity.

a woman under stress

The Stress Spiral

The stress spiral is a common situation. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another, but the key to reversing it is awareness, and being proactive as soon as it is identified.

When stress begins to overwhelm us, we become fatigued. This also happens when we neglect our self-care (such as sleep).

When fatigued, we become inefficient in our work and home life. This inefficiency means we must work harder and longer to get the same amount of work done. Working harder and longer means we get less rest, recovery, and leisure time.

This feeds back onto itself to create more fatigue, inefficiency, work, and stress. The further down this spiral we get, the more repercussions we experience, and the harder it is to reverse. Effective stress relievers and coping strategies, and understanding the Natural Stress Cycle are keys to reversing and managing stress spirals.

The Natural Stress Cycle

As mentioned, stress is a normal part of life. Without it, we wouldn’t get anything accomplished. However, when pushed hard, the body needs rest and recovery. When rest and recovery happen at natural intervals, and we are using effective coping strategies, we can accomplish great things, even under high levels of stress.

This includes taking short breaks each day, getting proper rest at night, enjoying weekends, unplugging from technology, taking regular vacations, and even taking extended sabbaticals throughout life.

My business coach understands this. He has his clients work in 100-day sprints followed by short periods of rest, recovery, regeneration, and celebration.

The start of this year was a crazy sprint for me. I’ve just finished a somewhat extended time away from work, and I’m back with amazing energy, enthusiasm, and focus to accomplish my goals this year.

Understanding, and strategically planning to incorporate this concept into your life and work will be extremely helpful in your future health, happiness, and success.

We at FRESH! have Carefully Designed Workshops that can help you successfully manage stress and find the right balance in your life.

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Gratitude, Travel, and FUN!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful stress relievers and coping strategies that provides benefits in a wide range of areas.

The practice of gratitude helps provide an often needed perspective realignment around your current situation in life.

Plus, it trains your brain to identify positivity and areas of opportunity, while helping manage stress, uncertainty, and feelings of overwhelm.

If you feel stressed out and need help to recover, do not hesitate to contact us at FRESH! My team and I would love to help. Just book your Complimentary Success Coaching Session. It’s FREE!

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