Navigating Stress, Burnout, And Holiday Cheer!

We all know that life is a series of ups, downs, learning opportunities, and potential for growth. Nobody is immune to the challenges, hiccups, like stress and burnout, and other curveballs life throws at us.

However, when we are in the middle of it all, that perspective can sometimes be tough to see.

As a health and wellness professional, and someone who wrote a BOOK on mindset and personal performance, people often think that I have it all figured out.

Well…I have a confession to make.

While my book has helped many people transform their lives, at the base level, it was written for my own personal growth and development.

For yours, I struggled with implementing the mindset and habits necessary to move me and my business forward. The process of researching and writing the book was transformative.

It accelerated my progress, showed me a better way forward in life, and a path to being the person I aspire to be.

Yet things are never perfect. Growth and development are bumpy journeys.

These couple of years have been more challenging than most on a number of levels.

Over the past few months, many of the mindset skills and success habits that were critical to my previous growth have slipped to levels that I’m not proud of.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I feel it’s important to know that there are ALWAYS ups and downs. It’s natural and part of the growth process. It happens to everyone at some point.

In fact, it’s these “slips” and downtimes that provide the greatest opportunities for future growth and development.

These are the moments when we can see the contrast from where we are to where we want to be. They provide us with clarity of purpose. They help us distill what we are passionate about, and show us who the true rocks are in our life.

For at least a couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling stress and burnout and knew that a change was needed.

The great news is that I was able to follow my own advice…and imagine that….it works! 🙂

My workouts had been seriously neglected for many months, so I decided to start small. One or two 5-10 minute movement sessions each day (simple things like mobility, stretching, a brisk walk, etc.). Within days my mood dramatically improved.

This allowed me to think a little more clearly about my circumstances and to better assess the solutions available to me.

One of the things I realized is that I had pushed aside the things that recharge my batteries (those things that “filled my bucket”). For me, these are things like movement, time with friends, opportunities to learn new skills, and time people and mentors who inspire me.

These factors are critical to feeling good, relieving stress and burnout, and performing at my best. 

The specific items you choose will be unique to you. But, it’s important for you to identify these areas in your life so you can consciously cultivate your energy, focus, and enthusiasm.

A breakthrough moment occurred this weekend. I was away on business and to attend a conference. Being away from family was tough, and I had multiple late nights in a row that cratered my energy and enthusiasm.

By Monday I felt myself crashing physically and mentally.  I consciously went back to the basics of movement, sleep, and cultivating time for things I’m passionate about. I was also able to be around massively inspiring people at the convention and to meet with a couple of my mentors for a little “pep talk”.

Within a few days of consciously focusing on the energy boosters and activities that “filled my bucket”, I’m feeling like a completely new person.

The lesson in this post is that 2021 has been a challenging year. While I struggle with a lot of the things my clients do, I also have the knowledge and support system needed to identify when a negative spiral starts. Just as important, the tools and strategies are in place to reverse that spiral quickly. While having a plan to prevent most future situations that could lead to a negative spiral. 

Did you ever felt run-down, drained of energy, or felt that life is slipping by with no enthusiasm or forward progress? Know that there is a simple solution open to you.

I would love to help!

The holidays are coming up.

They can be an opportunity to recharge, reinvigorate, and spark renewed enthusiasm in your life and performance. Or they can be another energy-draining phase. The phase of life that leaves your mental and physical gas tank empty at the start of January.

The choice is up to you. 

When you are ready for help, my team and I are here. Just reach out.

Helping you and others in the FRESH, with our carefully designed COURSES, to help you improve every aspect of your physical and mental life! Community is exactly why I do what I do, and a major reason why I write these posts.

Have an amazing week! Now, go out there and strategically fill your bucket!

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  1. Personally, holidays recharge me, for me it’s that time to stop, be thankful and do those things that give me life. I always come back to my projects with new courage, new ideas and full of energy. Thanks for this article!

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