Learn From My Recent Struggles And Failures

A short message today with a personal story about the power of movement. As a long-time fitness professional, many people often think that my health and fitness regimen is “perfect”. They have visions of me working out for hours every day and eating like an “organic iron chef”. I thought that maybe you could learn from my struggles and failures.

The fact is, like everyone else, I have struggles in these areas too.

Maintaining some semblance of balance and sanity in my health and wellbeing is something I work at constantly. Particularly at this time in my life.

Between running a growing business, raising two kids, driving them to a plethora of activities, and spending time with my amazing wife, it’s easy to let my health and fitness slide.

That challenge has been compounded by the fact that I’ve neglected my planning, morning routine, sleep, health, and fitness since the holidays.

These areas haven’t been as disciplined and focussed as normal, and I’ve noticed a big drop in my energy and productivity, as well as a spike in aches, pains, and movement issues since Christmas.

How I’ve felt over the past month has been enough of a mental and physical “kick in the butt” for me to get them back on track.

The change in the past week has been like night and day! A couple of good nights of sleep, some light activity, mobility, and stretching have me feeling SOOOO much better!

Combined with re-integrating my daily and weekly planning routines, the foundation for future success is back in place.

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I’ve mentioned this because it’s very common to get off track (whether it’s nutrition, career goal, or health and fitness).

The key to long-term success is what strategies and tactics you have in place to identify when you are off track, and that gets you back on the path to success as quickly as possible.

As a bonus, sometimes getting off track is also a great learning opportunity to remember WHY you are on this path in the first place!

Let’s face it, feeling run down, miserable, and out of shape is a great motivator to make a change.

It’s particularly powerful when you’ve been healthy, vibrant, and in great shape. Your brain remembers the benefits of living that way and will help you get back there.

If you haven’t been there before, trust me…it’s AMAZING and worth the effort!

I’ve yet to meet a person who was there and said…”Meh, this health and fitness thing isn’t for me. I’m going back to feeling like crap and living in a body that limits me and hurts every day.”

When you are ready to move to a higher level of health, fitness, and awesomeness in your life, just reach out. My team and I would love to help. 

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Have a great week!

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