Personal Development Plan: 7 Simple Tips

Continual improvement and personal development are hallmarks of an awesome life! Here are 7 tips for a personal development plan, that will help improve everything you do.

To be fully honest, I write most of these posts as a reminder for my own personal development, but I figure I’m not the only one who needs help with these things in life!

1. It’s not your circumstances

Nobody wins the blame game. Crappy things can happen, and a situation may seem extremely tough at times. Yet, there are other people with similar or worse circumstances that use it as fuel to thrive.

Follow their lead and plan.

2. Stop blaming other people

Taking responsibility for your success will put you ahead of 95% of society. I’m not talking about casual acceptance that you did something. I mean extreme responsibility for your words, actions, and outcomes. Own them. Apologize when you screw up. Learn and be better next time.

3. Be persistent

Change happens in an instant, but the preparation for change (wrapping your mind around making it happen) can take a LONG time! Decide you are willing to make your goals happen, work your plan consistently, and you’ll get where you want to be.

4. Do what you should be doing.

Your actions are either moving you closer to or further from your goals – be aware of how you’re spending your time. Identify and take action on those things that will move you forward faster and more effectively. Chances are you already know what you should be doing…go do it!

5. Invest in others.

Spend time every day trying to add value to those around you. Be nice, genuine, helpful, and earnest. Whether it’s friends, family, or work colleagues, it will come back to you exponentially.

6. Work on ‘you’ every day.

Learning and growth is an active pursuit. Read books, listen to audio programs, attend seminars, masterminds, or hire a coach. You can ALWAYS improve. Get help to accelerate those areas you want to change the most.

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7. Focus on solutions – not problems.

Eliminate the whining, griping, and complaining. Identify your obstacles and devote all your energy to overcome them.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and digest these 7 tips and think about how you could incorporate them into your personal development plan.

When you begin to “live” this plan, everything else in your life will begin to improve. Your personal development will get better and life will seem like less of a struggle.

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