Tips To Stay Happy, Healthy, And Productive

As ironic as it is for a fitness professional to be saying this, I haven’t had a formal workout this week. While I’m definitely craving a good sweat session, I haven’t been sitting on my butt all week, and I still feel great.

This morning when I was going through my morning routine, it reminded me how much those short, strategic sessions make a difference in my focus, energy, and sanity.

With how the week has gone, I felt it was important to share a couple of success tips that I use to stay happy, healthy, and productive. These are the same tips I teach clients to incorporate into their life for better results.

Tips to stay happy, healthy, and productive

There are many people who’ve started going to the gym and working out this week, but who are still exhausted, stressed out, and dragging their butts through the day. This recipe for failure continues to play out every year, and it’s at the heart of why so many people struggle to get fit and lose weight.

So many of these people are focussed on gym workouts. However, I encourage you to think of going to the gym as a “nice to have” part of your life, and you should aim to do it on a regular basis.

Whether you go to the gym or not, the most important part is to be able to maintain a core foundation of structure around health and wellness that happens even during the most stressful and hectic times. Realistically, the gym is the first calendar item to get discarded by many people.

Morning and evening routine to stay focused

This is where a simple morning and evening routine are invaluable. I call them the FRESH! Start Morning Routine and the Evening Wrap-up Ritual. In as little as 7 minutes in the morning and evening, you can move your body, recharge your energy, relax and prepare for sleep, visualize your goals, focus your mind on your top accomplishments, practice mindfulness, and breathe deeply.

Taking a bit longer is helpful. My routine this week has been about 30 minutes, but I typically like to allocate an hour in the morning, and 15 minutes in the evening. Doing this consistently sets the tone for the day, creates a focus for my daily accomplishments, and carves out time to move my body.

There are many components to the morning routine, but the most important ones I recommend are movement, mobility, silence, breathing, and goals review. These are the essentials to help wake you up, get you focused, and help you feel amazing.

For the evening routine, the keys are to take time to wind down before bed, minimize screen time, move your body, and plan your “top 3” objectives for the day by physically writing them down.

Wrapping it up

Much more can be said about these success habits. However, the goal today was to get you thinking about the status of these habits in your life. Are you practicing them? Are you doing them consistently? If not, I encourage you to start. Give it a week or two and you will be amazed at the results on your energy, focus, and happiness.

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    1. Author

      Try it out for a couple of weeks and you will see improvement in every area. Thanks for reading!

    1. Author

      You will definitely be more productive! Thanks for engaging!

  1. These are great tips! I’m trying, for real, I am really trying to get a routine started every evening. It’s vital that we get on the right track of putting our health first! The mornings are hard for me but I’m trying to set the evenings just for working-out!

  2. Love this tips to stay happy, healthy, and productive. Working out, even going for a walk if you don’t want to go to the gym, is so important for physical and mental health! Thanks for sharing your helpful insights!

    1. Author

      Morning and evening routines are very helpful. Thanks for commenting Nia!

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