Two Important Work And Life Tips

Today I have a couple of great and very important life (and work) tips for you. Tips regarding stress and sitting.

With the book launch, several speaking engagements, new corporate projects, more upcoming business trips, and trying to balance my time with family, stress levels are high, and I’ve been faced with much more time than normal in front of the computer. I even did a phone interview for an online summit while I was on a layover in Montreal.

A busy schedule and high-stress levels are “par for the course” in most corporate roles.

However, being in this state typically presents a negative situation with a detrimental impact on health, happiness, and well-being for most people. With this in mind, I felt it would be appropriate to share some important life and work tips with you.

I get super energized by presenting the information that I’m most passionate and knowledgeable about and love that I get to share my knowledge and experience.

Tip #1: Stress is Good For You!

Stress is normal, and should be a welcome part of life. The issue for most people is that they do not have the correct strategies and coping mechanisms in place to successfully manage their stress and use it to propel them forward to greater health, performance, and happiness in life.

While extremely effective when properly used, coping strategies are highly individual and situation-specific.

    Some tips include:

    • Breathing exercises
    • Meditation
    • Exercise
    • Stretching/Recovery
    • Listening to your favorite music
    • Reading
    • Journalling
    • Positive self-talk
    • Sleep
    • Planning/organization
    • Talking to others

    Each of these (and many others) life & work tips can be helpful in managing and dealing with excess stress.

    My questions for you are:

    • How are you managing your stress?
    • Are the coping strategies you use healthy and effective over the long term?

    Tip #2: Sitting Isn’t the Issue, and Standing Isn’t the Solution

    With the boom in standing desks and workstations these days, you would think the corporate world has the sitting problem solved. Unfortunately, they are often trying to solve the wrong problem.

    Sitting isn’t the issue. In fact, it’s great to do sometimes. The primary issue is PROLONGED sitting. As “modern” humans, we sit for far too long each day. Conservative estimates are that over 70% of our waking hours are spent sitting. Yikes!

    Yet, the solution isn’t to stand more. Standing for prolonged periods, particularly with poor form is only slightly better than sitting all day.

    The Solution

    The solution is to MOVE more. The human body was designed for movement, yet we are restraining it for excessive periods of time in both sitting and standing positions.

    Virtually every aspect of health can be improved with properly performed, consistent movement breaks throughout the day. You can sit at an old-school steel military chair and desk for your workday, but break up your work with effective movement intervals. This would be better off than spending 8 straight hours sitting in the most expensive ergonomic chair and workstation setup.

    This runs counter to common corporate “wellness” programs where people are set up with the latest and greatest gadgets so they can stay at their computers and work for longer. This approach only leads to poor health, lower productivity, and reduced results in the long term.

    So, my most important life & work tip to you is to MOVE well, MOVE at regular intervals, and MOVE like your life depends on it…because it does! 🙂

    If you would like to learn how to perform foundational movements correctly to maximize the benefits of your workouts and daily activities, then enroll in our Movement Foundations Course!

    These are just two of the many life and work tips and topics we provide to help employees and companies work smarter, be healthier, and get more from work and life.

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    1. Yes, standing all day is worse to me than sitting. I get up and move around if I’m at home. At work, I’m lucky because I’m moving all day long.

        1. Glad to see that you guys mention – ‘sitting isn’t the issue and standing isn’t the solution’. Can vibe so much with every word of this article. Loved reading it.

    2. Since I work from home, I’ve been making an effort to get up and move around every 30 minutes, and it’s improved things dramatically. I’m thinking of getting back to daily morning yoga too, as it helps with both issues. I totally agree that these are two important work and life tips, and this motivated me to not have any excuses!

      1. Author

        Glad that we motivated you Ellanor! You can try some simple stretches every time you get up.

    3. Great tips. Stress is part of our live and I deal with it by moving and leading a healthy ba;anced life.

      1. Author

        Awesome to hear that Alita. Keep up with the healthy, balanced life. And thanks for the feedback!

    4. Yes! I’m trying to be conscious about moving more. It’s so important!

        1. Amazing post! I work from home and I always make a conscious effort to stand up from my seat and move around after every 40-45 minutes and it does help relieve stress.

          1. Author

            Glad to hear that Valentina, and thanks for the feedback!

    5. I appreciate the work-life tips you shared! Finding balance is key. I am trying to be very conscious of my breathing and thinking at all times.

    6. Great information! I’ve definitely learned to handle my stress a lot better over the last few years.

      1. Author

        Glad to hear that Luna. Proper stress management is very important. Thanks for commenting!

    7. I couldn’t agree more! It’s not about sitting or standing. It’s about moving. Our bodies were meant to move and be active, not restrained in one position for prolonged periods. Incorporating movement breaks throughout the day can significantly improve our overall health and well-being. It’s great to see more awareness being brought to this issue, and I hope more people take action to prioritize movement in their daily routines.

      1. Author

        Thank you for such a great feedback Sonia. Hopefully, we will reach out to more and more people with our movement philosophy.

    8. This is a really great and very helpful tips! This is worth sharing thanks for this

    9. I find that using stress can be useful to help push through a workout. I always feel so much better and less stressed after.

      1. Author

        Thats exactly right Melanie. Stress builds up too much energy in our bodies, so we all need a vent. Thanks for the feedback.

    10. I love my standing desk and I find that stress sometimes helps me!

      1. Author

        Great to hear that Neely. Be careful not to stand in one place for too long.

    11. I sit for long work periods at the computer, so your article is very timely and practical. Also the point about stress not being the problem – but our reaction to it. A powerful reframe. Thank you.

    12. Interesting thoughts! I definitely have realized the need to just generally move more throughout the day with light yoga or short walks! Thanks for sharing!

    13. Movement is crucial for everything in life. I’ve read all of Katy Bowman’s work and also others who have talked about this stuff, and this is on par with that. Great work! It’s definitely surprising for many to come to the realization that movement and stress levels are related.

      1. Author

        Of course, they are related. Humans are been under stress from the beginning. But they moved constantly…Thanks for the great feedback Desiree!

      1. Author

        Yes slowing our mindflow is very important. Thanks for the feedback Brandi!

    14. Absolutely love this blog post! You hit the nail on the head – sitting isn’t the enemy, it’s the prolonged sitting that poses a challenge. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Author

        Exactly Dominique! Thats why we need to break are sitting into smaller intervals rather then two or thee large ones.

    15. I couldn’t agree more! I am so much more productive and happier when I’m able to get out for a walk or run! Thank you for sharing this great information.

    16. Absolutely loved your insightful tips on managing stress and improving posture. Your practical advice resonates well and could genuinely enhance both work and personal life. Looking forward to more of your wisdom!

    17. Great tips! I love to get out and move as often as I can by going hiking and enjoying nature.

    18. These tips are great. I switched from teaching to an office job, and it’s crazy how much more “stressed” I feel during periods of extended sitting. Even quick walks around the block do wonders – looks like the science backs it up. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Author

        Thanks for the feedback John. A minute of mobility or stretching can do wonders.

    19. I work from home for myself. I have a standing desk and try to make sure to walk around as often as I can. But, I could still move more when I’m home throughout the day. When I’m stressed, I like to go outside and sit in the sun and read a book.

      1. Author

        Thanks for the feedback Stephanie! Standing desk is great but for a short period of time. Combo desks, ones that can do both sitting and standing, are the best option.

    20. The post highlights two crucial pieces of advice that can make a real difference in our lives.

      In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for work to spill over into our personal time, causing stress and burnout. By establishing boundaries and sticking to them, we can maintain a healthier work-life balance, which in turn can lead to increased productivity and overall well-being.

      Moreover, it’s essential to keep learning and adapting. Whether through formal education or informal self-improvement, embracing growth can open up new opportunities and help us lead more fulfilling lives.

      Both of these tips resonate well with me being a freelancer and a content creator. Finding balance between personal and professional pursuits is important.

      1. Author

        Thanks for the great feedback Ramil. We are glad that you found our article useful!

    21. Well if i can wrap my mind around stress having positive benefits, that could work in my favor. Glad i stopped by today.

    22. While I agree that some stress is good and even needed in life, I have to say that the majority of us in this day and age are far too stressed. If anything, we are under a dangerous amount of stress between our work lives and personal lives.

      1. Author

        Nowadays, it’s hard to recognize and distinguish good stress from bad one. We are under attack from all angles and positions. Finding a catalyst for it is an option.

    23. With so many people struggling to find harmony between their work and their life, it can seem inevitable to feel overwhelmed and overworked. But these two tips are important and helpful.

    24. These are so great strategies and tips for successfully managing stress. I love reading and find it a great stress reducer for me. I was glad to see it made the list.

      1. Author

        We are glad you liked it Debbie, and that you find our post to be helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

    25. Oohhhh yes, I highly agree with you on both ends! Many of us hate stress of any kind and yet we live off it. We need to move our body parts more than usual!

      1. Author

        People are being exposed to stress from the beginning. Much greater stress than nowadays. We are just too much in our comfort zones…

    26. I need to work on work-life balance. It is hard to make time for all the things we need, from relaxation to family time, to getting all of the work done. I will have to keep some of these points in mind.

      1. Author

        Glad you find our post helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

    27. Agree! It’s all about balancing and incorporating movement into our daily routines. Our bodies were not designed to be sedentary for long periods, whether sitting or standing. Movement breaks throughout the day can do wonders for our physical and mental health and even boost productivity. Companies need to prioritize employee wellness and encourage movement during the workday.

      1. Author

        Exactly Sonia, and good point on company wellness! Thanks for the feedback!

    28. I agree with you that stress should be a welcome part of our lives. Just like what we say that being busy is good for the business.

      Thank you for sharing these coping strategies. I love that you pointed highlighted the need for sleep and exercise.

      1. Author

        Glad you liked the article Clarice! Thanks for the feedback!

    29. Amazing tips! I’m working hard to get a good balance between the two so your post has come at the right time!

      1. Author

        Glad to hear that Lisa. Thanks for commenting, and good luck!

    30. Great info! Balance is key and who can live a life with zero stress? It’s about how we react to it. 🙂 And agree … move more is important. I try to move around when I can between meetings when stuck in my chair. Even if just around the office for a few minutes, but a walk around the block is even better! 🙂

      1. Author

        Thanks Laurie, glad you liked the post. And thanks for the feedback!

    31. I never looked at stress from this angle. Your statement about stress is an eye-opener. I’m so used to everyone saying how bad stress is that I never put any thought into questioning that fact. Wow, thanks for this article!

    32. I couldn’t agree more with you, moving move is the solution. It’s something I struggled too but found out that I need to move more.

      1. Author

        Exactly Fransic. Movement is a safest medicine and its complitely free 🙂

    33. I fully agree with you here.
      Stress is something that needs proper management. What some people experience as stress, others may manage in better ways. When you manage your stress level effectively, it becomes less stressful for you. You might not even call it that anymore.

      Thank you for this post!

      1. Author

        You are most welcome Andy, and thank you for your feedback!

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