discover why people hate Mondays

Why Do People Hate Mondays

Everybody loves weekends, but few people love Mondays. It’s common to wake up with a feeling of letdown from the weekend fun, combined with anxiety and stress about the upcoming week. Why do people hate Mondays in the first place?

Mindset is the first Pillar in my 4 Pillars of Personal Performance for a good reason. Improving your mindset is the most important thing you can do to improve your performance in every area of life.

I put it in bold for effect. This Mindset Pillar cannot be understated. It’s the filter through which you view the world.

What does Mindset have to do with people hating Mondays?

What does Mindset have to do with why people hate Monday mornings you might ask? Well, lots!

While weekends are universally cherished, Mondays often evoke a sense of disappointment as many wake up with a lingering weekend enjoyment hangover, coupled with apprehension and stress about the approaching week.

This perspective alone sets a negative tone for both your day and the entire week. This doesn’t just happen on Mondays, but we see it every day of the week in many people.

If you approach the week thinking work is a drag, it’s going to be a slog, and your goal is just to get through the week, then your reality will likely live up to that mindset.

change your Mondays waking ups

Shifting your Perspective on how you Look at the Workweek

Shifting your perspective on how you look at the work week (challenges and all) is the first step in making your week better. This doesn’t mean ignoring the things you don’t like.

At the simplest level, it means finding the bright spots and looking at what you have control over changing each week.

A simple and very helpful place to start is your introduction to the morning…your alarm. If your alarm is a loud, obnoxious siren that would wake the dead, then I highly recommend changing it.

Don’t Hate Mondays or any Other Morning Because your Start is Wrong

Starting each morning with a shot of adrenaline and a negative stress response to that sound isn’t doing you any good. If you wake up cursing at the alarm, smash the snooze button, and wish desperately for a few more minutes of sleep, how do you think that helps your mindset for the day?

It doesn’t! In fact, it sets a negative and stress-filled mood that is often difficult to overcome. This simple stimulus can create a cascade of negative situations that have a wide-ranging impact on work, relationships, and self-esteem.

Years ago, I switched my alarm to a gradual, pleasant tone that wakes me gently. The app I use even wakes me at the most opportune time within my sleep cycle so I have the greatest change to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Here’s a Sleep Challenge for You

Change your alarm to something less stressful. Ideally, one that has a gradual change in volume and tone, so you wake gently.

Do this for at least 1 week (preferably 2), and let me know what changes you notice.
If you are exhausted in the mornings, it’s time to look at your bedtime routine and sleep hygiene.

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  1. I absolutely love this! I reframed my own outlook on Monday’s several months ago and it has been a game changer.

  2. I tend to love Mondays, because I’m pumped up to get a bunch of things accomplished. I’m starting a new week, another chance at turning several days into productivity, and so on. I will try the alarm tip though. My alarm really is quite annoying 😉

  3. I’ve never really hated Mondays. I’ve always just found it harder to get going after a couple of days of resting. It’s easy to get up on any other day and roll into my work because I’m in that mindset.

  4. I like Monday because it’s a fresh start for me to get things completed and make a difference in my community.

  5. This is an interesting way to look at Mondays to change one’s attitude and make life a little happier. I don’t think I’ll look at Mondays the same after reading this article.

    1. Author

      Glad you liked it and find the post helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Starting your day would impact the day no matter what day. People hate Monday because its the beginning of the week and people go to work or school. But we would make it better with a positive mindset. Great post!

    1. Author

      Exactly Fransic. Mindset is what we should focus on the starting of the week.

    1. Author

      Yes, the life has to go on. But doent have to be that wy every Monday.

  7. It’s all about mindset. Change ur mindset, see the change in the world.

  8. Changing the alarm has made a HUGE difference in how I wake up. Years ago, when I got a FitBit when they first came out, I used the alarm on there to wake me up, which is just a vibration on my arm. Now I still use my Apple Watch for my alarm. I don’t hate Mondays, it’s just hard to get up early after sleeping in on the weekends.

  9. I can totally relate to this. I tend to sleep a lot on weekends so it is tough to get up early on a Monday! It is hard to adjust back and forth, and I have to get to work very early.

    1. Author

      Yes, that weekend/Monday switch can be a bit difficult. Thanks for commenting.

  10. What a timely read! Yes, today is Monday and I actually have the same question. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Would love to do your sleep challenge and start by changing my alarm tone.

  11. So many things in our lives are simply just a shift in perspective. It’s important to start every day with the right attitude and focus for sure!

  12. Being self employed, my mindset has changed tremendously on Mondays. I now look at Mondays as a new week, a new start but I agree, hating Mondays is all about mindset.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the great feedback! Yes, being self-employed makes a difference in perspective.

  13. Clever tip about changing the alarm and something I must try soon. I use my phone so perhaps I’ll set it tonight to vibrate a bit before it goes off.

  14. Mondays are tough! I struggle on most weekdays getting up and out of bed – especially Mondays. Definitely relatable.

  15. I hated Monday’s when I worked in a job. This was because I was always on call, so I’d already put in hours on the weekend. I resented having to then come in on Monday.

    1. Author

      Thats tough Richards. Great you solved it. Thanks for the feedback!

  16. I didn’t use to mind Mondays. I am not overly fond of my job this year though, and I now dread the start of the workweek

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear that Rosey. Thanks for commenting. I wish that things change for the better for you.

  17. I am so glad to follow your advise. My Monday mornings are better now. 🙂
    I feel more relaxed and less stressed. Will continue doing this.

  18. Mondays are probably one of my least favorite days of the week, but I never really thought deeply about why, Our reality is built by our perspective, so I will try to shift my perspective going forward !

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