3 Activities Of Daily Living You Should Understand

I’m a fan of simplicity. One of the things I feel I do well is to take larger concepts and make them simple and easy to understand. The concept I will break down today are types of activities of daily living.

When I received an email from one of my business mentors this morning, the message resonated with me and I felt it would be valuable to you as well.

So, here is a summary.

Apply this simple concept to your time and activities, and it will make a massive difference for you:

With performance in work and life, there are basically 3 types of activities of daily living.

Status-Quo Activities

These activities need to happen each day, week, or month to just stay where you are. They include: Showing up at work, doing the same routine you’ve always at the gym or at home, paying the bills, keeping the house clean, etc. Most people spend the bulk of their time here. Most are necessary but review them regularly to see if there is a better way to do them…or if you still need to do them.

Losing activities

These activities are a time suck, yet never really provide a return on energy. Things like – scanning your Facebook Feed, engaging in random distractions, and general procrastination. Yet, there is a “sneaky” side to this category that often holds people back. People will spend LOTS of time and money on knowledge acquisition (reading books, newsletters, blogs, buying coaching/training, etc.), but fail to put the knowledge into action. This wastes time and energy. Without being applied in a meaningful way, this will stifle your performance and your potential.

Winning Activities

As you may have guessed, these actions make a significant difference in your life. They include: learning new things (and applying that knowledge), implementing plans and making progress towards clearly established goals, challenging yourself to grow and develop, and making time to engage in activities that improve your health and fitness, energy, well-being, and mindset. This category includes all those things you know must happen for you to have the life you want…but only a few people take the time to do them.

That’s it. Once you know what falls into these 3 categories – decisions become simple.

  • Do what must be done with Category 1. Delegate these tasks when appropriate.
  • Make a pact with yourself to minimize Category 2. You won’t eliminate it. Just try to cut back.
  • Try to make sure you’re spending as high a percentage of your work time on Category 3 as possible.

So there it is. A simple and effective approach to…well, being more effective!

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