Wednesday Wellness: How To Build Confidence

Welcome to February! 

How did the first month of the year go for you? Are you already wondering how to build confidence in this new year?

The facts show that the large majority of people have abandoned their new year’s resolutions already. 

Since most of those resolutions are related to health, fitness, and lifestyle, quitting them has a substantially negative impact on daily happiness and performance in all areas of life.

That’s pretty sad and a key factor in why so many people are struggling these days.

Even more disturbing are the results of a recent survey done by a large local company of several thousand people. When they asked employees if they set resolutions this year, 53% said NO.

Their top reason for not setting them was… “because they always fail”. 

Wow! Think about that.

What conversations must be happening in the heads of that 53% of people?

In the psychology world, we call that “learned helplessness”, where people think that no matter what they do, it won’t make a difference.

This failure mindset is rampant and holds people back from their goals, not just in health and fitness, but in other areas of life (work, family, relationships, finances, etc.)

How is your mindset these days? Have you had thoughts like that? What about these ones?

  • What’s the use, ____ never works anyway
  • I’m just that type of person (fat/skinny/lazy/dumb/clumsy/…)
  • Goal setting is silly. It doesn’t work (or it’s never worked for me)
  • If I was good enough, this would be easier.
  • I’ve failed so many times. I must be broken.
  • This is way harder than it should be. I must not be worthy of the results.

These are just some of the examples of how our mindset can hold us back.

confident woman smiling


The great news is that the powerful tool between our ears is ours to control…if we choose to!

Here’s a great quote that speaks to how we can take back that control and use it to build confidence in our capabilities, actions, and future. 

“What they call you is one thing. What you answer to is something else.”

~ Lucille Clifton (Poet) – speaking on how to build confidence

Another way to frame this quote is…

”What you call yourself is really what matters!”

Yes, we all have that self-talk going on in our heads.

But, when was the last time you listened hard to the message behind your self-talk?

What does it say about you as a person? Your future? Your self-worth and potential in life?

The human gift of self-reflection is a double-edged sword.

Yet, once we are aware of what our inner monologue is saying, we can choose to change it.

It’s during these dark, cold, stay-at-home days of February when our mindset can slip into a cycle of pessimism, negativity, and self-sabotage…if you let it.

When you are ready to make a decision to speak to yourself with dignity, respect, encouragement, and powerful potential, then you will begin making exceptional changes in your life.

Whether it’s health, fitness, finances, work, or relationships, this self-talk principle is at the heart of success.

Just because we are doing well in one or more areas, doesn’t mean we have it figured out in every area.

If we look closely at the areas of life we struggle with, our mindset and self-monologue in those areas will shed light on the issues. Since awareness is the first step towards change, you will have also taken an important step towards a better future.

Ok, I got a little deep there but wanted to make sure the importance of mindset was brought to light.

If you’ve been struggling with motivation, inspiration, or the spiraling self-talk that comes with repeatedly missing your mark in health and fitness, let’s chat.

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Be well. Stay safe. Keep Active!

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