How To Live A Pain Free Life

Yesterday, I had a chat with one of my clients who runs a few physiotherapy clinics. We were talking business, and I asked her if she had seen an uptick in clients who want to live free from pain, over the past few months.

Her answer didn’t surprise me, but it made me realize that it was time for a reminder of the impact that work and life can have on your wellbeing. She said that they are always busy. Since her clinics are downtown, they are inundated with office workers who are in pain.

She identified the top three reasons people come to see their therapists, and almost all of them are easily preventable.

  1. Smartphone neck

  2. Overuse injuries from computer work

  3. Fitness injuries from people using poor technique or choosing the wrong exercise program for their needs.

Take a look at your typical day. What are you doing to contribute to these ailments (and your local physiotherapist’s retirement fund)? Our mantra with clients is that small, simple things done consistently each day are at the heart of success in work, fitness, and life.

Here are a few simple tips to help you live free from pain:

Smartphone Neck

This is when people experience a rash of symptoms related to constant smartphone use in a biomechanically poor position. Typically, people hold a phone at stomach height and have their heads bowed (neck bent) while reading and replying to emails, texts, or social media.

The solution is inherently simple and has remarkable implications for your future health and happiness.

Start by holding your smartphone at eye level when reading or replying. Next, make it a goal to unplug a bit more. Particularly from social media (you probably don’t need to check your feeds THAT many times per day).

Overuse Injuries from Computer Work

In the corporate world, workstation setups vary considerably. Regardless of whether you have a 1950s steel desk and straight-backed chair or the most expensive ergonomic setup from a fancy designer, the human body wasn’t meant to spend its time continuously in one position (sitting or standing at a computer).

My physio friend mentioned that despite there being fewer people downtown, their weekly patient visits have stayed consistent because the remaining people are more stressed and overloaded with work than ever before.

While I highly recommend setting up your workstation for efficiency, and effectiveness, and to reduce stress on your body (FRESH! can help with this), the best solution is to move your body on a consistent basis throughout the day. This includes stretching, mobility, and micro “exercise” breaks on a regular basis.

In fact, one of our most popular workplace wellness sessions is called “Desk Gymnastics and Office Fitness”. We show people how to utilize 10-60 second time blocks throughout the day to boost energy, productivity, and mood while reducing stress and repetitive strain injuries.

Fitness Injuries

A lot of people think that injuries are inevitable since they are so common. While it’s true the more active you are, the more physical issues you will have to deal with. However, not all issues are created equal, and most are completely preventable with the right knowledge and skills.

The large majority of issues people face with fitness come down to exactly that. Lack of knowledge and skills.

At the base level, if you sit for a living (work in a corporate environment), you need to approach exercise differently. It’s critical to understand the impact that sitting has on your performance, how to reverse the physical harm that prolonged sitting does, and live free from pain.

Going into a regular workout after sitting all day is a recipe for disaster. Sure, you may be able to get a great sweat going and feel like you’ve worked hard, but without the right approach, your body is heading for an injury.

On the technique side, understanding how to identify and correct movement errors in your own body is the foundation of any workout plan. Watching a video once or looking at pictures in a magazine is not enough to learn from. This may work for a little while in some cases, but generally, it puts you at unnecessary risk of injury.

If you want to learn how to perform foundational movements correctly to maximize the benefits of your workouts and daily activities, register now for our Movement Foundations Course.

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There is so much that can be said about this topic, but I will simplify it by saying…

Your body is the greatest tool you have to live an awesome life. It’s extremely important to get help and learn to harness the power of your body. This includes learning how to move properly and building a body and lifestyle that fuels your personal and professional growth for life.

If you don’t exercise, invest in the knowledge to learn how. If you do exercise regularly, the investment is in taking your workouts and health to the next level. We at FRESH! would love to help.

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